Which firms recruit in January 2012 for graduate ACA training contracts?

National Audit Office

Basically, the question is in the title. I’ve been looking at the ICAEW graduate vacancy website consistently over the last few weeks, and new vacancies in London for January 2012 look to be few and far between. I intend to go through Accountancy Age’s top 100 firms soon and look at every firms site to find out which firms are recruiting in London, but would any of you be kind enough to point out any firms (besides the big four) which you know for sure will be recruiting for January? also should I be looking elsewhere, other than just the regular private firms? for example I’ve recently found out about the National Audit Office recruiting for September 2012 and offering an ACA training contract but I’m reluctant to wait that long and am trying my best to get a training contract starting in January. Thanks so much in advance for any help you offer by replying.



PwC have an april intake for assurance and audit departments.


I am also searching for Accountancy firms (not necessarily the big 4) who are recruiting for January 2010. No luck so far though. Iv got an Assessment Day at Deloitte coming up in a few days time. Has anyone on this thread been through the E-tray exercises before?


Hi there. Yes I have a job offer from KPMG starting this October (audit). The e-tray exercise was a little trickier than i initially thought/expected. It is very time pressured so make sure you keep up with the emails. I can’t remember exactly how many emails i got but try to do a quick calculation of number of qs/amount of time you have. This really helped guide me and I finished it with a few mins spare whilst a lot of others in my assessment centre mentioned that they really struggled/had several Qs left over. DO NOT get bogged down on any particular question. Stick firmly to your time controls. Also, some of the Qs require calculations to be made. If these take too long then skip it and come back later. Make sure you do all the questions in arithmetic order so the whole story makes sense. They want to see how you adapt to completely random situations, make sure you remember your task and who you are supposed to be/main objectives to complete. They also want to see that you are a team player so just make sure you keep this in mind. My main piece of advice is to keep very careful watch of the time and sticking to your timing schedule. In mine, i was actually lagging behind in the first quarter, got pretty worried, stepped up a gear and in fact had a few mins left at the end. anyway, lots of luck and hope it goes well!


Hi Sniper290. Thanks ever so much for the comment you posted. I had my e-tray and it was a complete shambles. I haven’t yet got the results, but I have a very bad gut feeling I didnt do so well. I managed to complete all the emails, however, there were about three questions which required me to do some calculations. I left this to the end, and had to guess the answers as time ran out for them. It’s such a different experience when you’re sitting there. Guess nerves got the better of me. Well done to you though for the job offer :slight_smile: It’s well deserved. Do you know any firms still recruiting for the 2011 intake?


Lish don’t be disheartened. after i finished my AC, my partner interview went sssoo horribly (so i thought) and i was pretty much sure i had failed. keep your chin up and try to learn from mistakes. Something VERY important to take on board is that you got to an AC with KPMG!! that is a huge confidence boost and shows you were ever so close! try to get some feedback if things didn’t turn out well. i don know about firms still recruiting this year, sorry. Good luck though and hope all goes well!!


Finacial Times on Thursday (Sept 15). Article on recruiting say that Ernst and Young are still recruiting for Reading and Luton.
Give them a ring!


Sniper290, sorry I didnt make myself clearer before, the AC was at Deloitte (Birmingham office). I got the results finally and I didnt get through. It was very very disappointing but I have taken your advice on board. I guess there are many people out there who dont get to that stage, so it is a great confidence boost. So chin up to every one else too :slight_smile: Thanks Sniper.

Tutor, Thanks very much for your response too. I will definitely check E&Y’s website.


Hey lish. Bad luck but you clearly have something that Deloitte want otherwise you would never have got that far (kinda got KPMG on the brain, sorry for mix up lol)! That has basically been your trial run and now you know pretty much exactly what to expect! This will give you a nice edge over people who are new to that stage. I do wish you the best of luck and hope it all works out in the near future! Good luck!


Thanks Sniper :slight_smile: Means a lot, and I will definitely keep that in mind.