Which companies do you dis/admire?


Hey guys

First of all a big hello to everyone on this forum!

I have 1st round interviews at KPMG, PWC, and Deloitte lined up and a question which I am preparing myself for is “which companies do you admire or disadmire the most!?”

Any suggestions on companies which are hated out there??



Companies that take no responsibility for their staff - e.g. that company that resulted in the deaths of all those cockle farmers a year or two ago.


Hello Mr Pokey :slight_smile:

I agree with Chris. Generally companies that don’t take responsibility for things in pursuit of cash at any cost:

-Domino’s Pizza: for hiring cheap immigrant labour and then confusing them/charging them for ourfits, equipment and delivery motorbikes/cars.

-Starbucks: for paying farmers in South America almost nothing and consistently using their size and power to drive prices down even further.

-Tesco/Sainsbury’s: for consistently driving down prices paid to British farmers and abusing their power to push down prices on Chickens/Pigs/livestock.

-UK properrty developers: buying any space they can to build poorly made flats without considering local people and future social issues such as adequate sewerage systems and infrastructure issues…building on flood plains despite imminent global catastrophe, etc…

there are lots of examples…

Any more questions please post them! …let us know how things go!



Thanks guys

I think I will go for Tesco!
Although I do admire them for becoming such a corporate giant…I think they could be doing alot more CSR work!


And which companies do you ADMIRE? I never know how to answer this question.