Where to find a sample of SWOT analysis?????


Hello everyone,

I am going to have an assessment day with TKmaxx where I have to make 15 minutes swot presentation.

Does anyone have any samples of SWOT analysis??? I will really appreciate for your help.

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Do you know what SWOT is? …this thread - http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/retail-fmcg/mothercare-swot-analysis - could help!

To present on that you’ll need to visit two or three TKMaxx stores and some of their competitor’s stores too (e.g. Primark, Peacocks, TJHughes, and other highstreet stores).


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how do i do a swot analsis for a peacock store


I have a number of SWOT analysis templates and questions etc on my blog http://rapidbi.com/created/swotanalysis/

While these will not give a specific SWOT for an existing company - it says why not to trust online “ready to use” SWOT’s and how to do one quickly