Where is the list of technology firms?


hey can someone provide me a link to the list of technology consulting firms which is on here, i was looking through it the other day but can only seen to find the MC one?!?!?

That list has alot of companies like Hitachi, Ea consulting etc who dont have uk grad schemes but is otherwise useful!

I have 2 consulting interviews this week which i will update the wiki articles for, as this site can potentially be amazing for grads doing research.


I think you mean the [[list of IT, technology and telecommunications firms]]! I changed the name from telecommunications, technology and IT last week because I thought it sounded better. What are your thoughts?!

Lots of the companies on this list DO have graduate schemes, they just haven’t been updated - yet! We’re working on it :slight_smile: …if anyone applies to / interviews at / or has interviewed at these firms, your input would be well received!

Which firms are you interviewing with ‘’‘thegreatdebate’’’? Remember what to do if your interviewers ask how you prepared for your interviews… name-check us!!!

Ed :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I have been doing some research in to Technology consulting recently and [[Detica]] are worth checking out. Fast growing company with non-excessive working hours (under 50/week is good for [[management consulting|consultancy]] and high salaries. Worth a look.


ah cheers thats it, need to carry on going through it! I think its better removing some IT consultancies from the MC list like accenture and logica and keeping them in here, also i got emails frm Hitachi saying they dont have grad scheme and going through list now few dnt have specific grad schemes.

I mentioned somewhere else, but i actually got rejected from Detica today for some unknown reason! Interviews are with HP and Logica (via recruitment agency) so will update any q’s i get asked on the wiki, probably by end of the week.



Give us a shout if u come across any other companies, running out of places to apply as big strat consultancies seem impossible to get replies frm unless ur oxbridge.


That’s true. Can I ask which recruitment agency you use? (PM me if you prefer). I’m not aware of a good graduate consultancy rec firm!