Where can I get a good suit?


I’ve got a summer internship working in Investment Consulting for Mercer coming up. I’ve currently got one suit but would like another. My problem is I’ve no idea where to go/what exactly I’m looking for. I’m aware there are different types/styles of suits, although how to differentiate between these styles and what would be an appropriate style for a 21 year old working in the given arena is something I’ve not a clue about. I don’t want to be end up with a suit that went out of fashion years ago etc.

Essentially I’m wanting to spend £100 - £160 (does this seem reasonable?). Has anyone any good advice about where to go to get a “good” suit, and what to look for? Feel free to recommend specific suits as well.

Ideally I’m looking at getting one in a dark/navy blue colour. Many thanks.


Two button jacket, cuff linked shirt, dark colour (I stick with Navy and very dark grey).

If you go to Oxford Street, right before Selfridges there’s a suit shop. They have suits for about £200 and will tailor it for you too. Quite cheap considering they’re mostly Italian.