When to chase up an application


Like many others I expect, I have several applications that I am waiting to hear back from. These are at various stages (initial, post online tests and post telephone interview etc). Do applications get lost from the system? Should I ask when I can expect to hear or will bugging the HR department be bad for my application?

Are there any horror stories of applicants missing an interview due to not receiving an email?


If you want info give HR a call thats their job!!

I have never heard of applications getting lost or people not getting their interview emails

However some firms HR departments are terrible/don’t reply to emails/totally useless


The only time to call them is if you have an offer from somewhere else and are telling them you need to decide soon so can they give you a decision asap.


ok thanks.


My interview letter got lost in the post so it can happen… i’d recomend chasing them up if you have nil response, at the very least you will have irritated HR which can never be a bad thing.