When have you not achieved a goal?


What would be a good answer to a question like “when have you not achieved a goal.”

Are they just looking for you to learn from your experience and stay motivated?

originally I wanted to talk about not reaching Grade 8 piano but I guess i wouldn’t know what to say after that!


In my opinion, they would be interested in finding out why you didn’t achieve it but more importantly how you dealt with not achieving something.

So if I were asked that question I would try to say something along the lines of “I postponed it” or something like that.

I tried to learn Spanish in my spare time but never got going with it so that’s probably the situation I’d give, I’d decorate it up to sound better though obviously!!


hmm okay, thanks!

if this forum had a thankyou or rep button i would give you one haha,

any other ideas are welcome!