When does the recruitment season begin?


Hello everyone

When will the new recruitment season begin? Which companies are you people thinking of applying to?


I’ve heard it begins late August


Barclay’s Capital and Barclay’s Wealth have opened. Others are coming soon.



Are you sure BarCap new recruiting season already open??


Yes it is.


More has opened!


ok, so bar caps opened and so has goldman. where else?


Hi: Lets all help each other here and post the names of companies which are opening their recruitment. So everyone wins!!


I find this thread rather ridiculous, if you are interested in applying to an IB and you know which IB’s you are interested in; I would assume you would simply go to the respective websites; go to the careers page and find out when they begin…I don’t mean to sound rude but financial valuation, IPO’s take a help of a lot of research and analysis; and frankly if you cannot be bothered to do a few hours of research to find out recruitment time-lines then can you honestly say you would be bothered to work over 70 hours a week as an analyst sifting through gigabytes of spreadsheets?


Well maac there are loads of companies to apply to and people may be prone to miss a few which is why I thought it would contribute something. See a lot of people didnt know Barclays had opened their recruitment.
Besides if you consider yourself to be such a ‘smart aleck’ then please don’t bother replying. You might be a budding analyst sifting thru gig’s of data but you need to learn how to respect other people. If you find something ridiculous then don’t comment rather dont view it why are you wasting your time. Go back to your spreadsheets you are missing important seconds.
I guess you get the point or shall I dilate more!!



Agreed. These forums are for getting help and advice and frankly maac, your post is not helpful at all.


@ Maac_x …listen I work for a leading Investment bank and I have been through the rigorous recruitment process…it is no problem at all for people to be sharing information about when the companies are recruiting…I accidentally found myself on wikijob last year and all the information I got here from other users were spot on when I went for both the interview and assessment center… These top companies don’t care about information you have beforehand as it shows how much you want the job in a very competitive industry but it’s about how you present it…hence let people free to share information to help each other…



i hope you don’t mind me asking but what desk do you work on? I know its off topic, just curious…


Hi everyone

Any other graduate schemes which have opened up for 2011 intake.



I am an international Non-EU student doing masters’ in Rome (Finance) and want to ask you guys whether I have a chance to be considered for UK graduate opportunities 2011? I am very grateful for all posts in this thread and very lucky that came accross with WikiJobs site. LLOYDS, GS and BNP recruitment commenced?


Hi there

I am looking at the Barcley’s capital website and it says that applications for 2011 intake start on september 2010, where have people got the idea that they are already open???


It has already opened, I have applied and done tests…


Applied on the 5th of August, spent 5 days straight practising numerical tests (after work at my current internship everyday after 8 30pm at the office) and then did the test. got email on friday saying my numerical test results were not up to the required standard. why do i even try? major FAIL!


This website is total crap.

There’s a page error everytime i click on apply and all the programmes say they are closed for last year. (wouldn’t hurt to update every now and then).

What do i do???


Use your brain.