when can you move around internally


Just wondering…when you start at pwc, is it possible to move to a different unit within the first 3 years?

EG…within assurance move from banking and capital markets to say london mid tier?



I think it is ‘possible’, at least in theory. I know my friend tried to change departments and was heavily advised against it. I guess they spend a lot of money trianing you in one thing, and don’t want to have to spend more re-training you. I guess if you want to change to a department that is fairly similar though (where you’ll be doing similar work) your chances of transfer will be better…


KPMG are fannying around with my application. The Director that interviewed me said that the official line is that you can’t transfer around the place, but in practice, so long as both sides (both departments, I mean) agree to it then there’s never a problem.


…you need to get a friendly contact in the department you want to move to - someone who is in some kind of management position. As Jewhoo said, if both departments are happy for you to move then you can, but for the department you want to move to to be happy, they need to know you/about you…



i start in september…any recomendations about WHEN to ask?
should i leave it 6 months minimum???

cheers guys


ask straight away…first week you get there. Then they’ll just know you want to transfer and you’ll get first offer if any vacancies in the other dept become available.


Don’t expect to move straight away though, it would only happen when spaces come up, like at the end of a year or if someone quits.


I can fairly safely say that there is no chance you will be able to move, particularly in that direction (I was there, tried and failed). There are two main reasons- firstly, financial services audit is understaffed and require as many people as they can, and secondly, because audit of financial services is technical work requiring specialist knowledge- if you have that knowledge they won’t let you get away so easily!

When I asked to change, they said I had to wait until my 3 years were up and I qualified.


i got mixed up in my first post…im actually wanting to move from LMT to BCM

Would I have a better shot at moving in this direction???


I think it depends a lot on HR too. If you ask about this and you get a busy HR, they’re going to put your request very low on their list of priorities.


What about transferring internationally at KPMG? Anyone had any experience of that?


It all depends on staffing. Also for BCM you may well have missed a number of vital training courses. There’s no harm in asking of course. Are you absolutely sure you want to move to BCM? It’s much harder work, LMT will seem like a holiday! You could definately go out on a couple of BCM jobs first to ‘test the water’ if you like- HR would probably be able to arrange that for you more easily.

bred2k8: In terms of moving internationally within KPMG, you definately won’t be able to move until you qualify.