When can I re-apply to PwC assurance?



I applied to London assurance April 09 start but was rejected.

I want to re-apply but know I have to wait 6 months.

What if I apply using a different email account to a different location, i.e. not London, for a Sept 09 start, will they be able to check? Can I delete my name from their database somehow?

I’m really really desperate and don’t know what to do now!



Yes they can check - some people have done it and gotten away with it but most people get caught

No you can’t delete your name from their database


How have some people got away with it?

Would you know?

Or is it just the luck of the draw?


i think they are pretty smart about this and your repeat of name/address might come up. if you are found out i’d hate to think they might not consider any application in the future:s i wouldn’t personally like to risk that.

If you want 2 chances at the same intake, maybe its an idea is to apply really early (say sept for sept the following year intake) , then if you are unfortunate wait 6 months (feb) and apply for the same intake if its still open.


i don’t think the location makes a difference… the recruitment staff are in birmingham as i understand and i think all applications are assessed initially at one place regardless of location you selected. i think thats correct anyway…


Your name WILL pop up on their database regardless of whether you use a different email account or not! Why not just wait 6 months then apply?

But why were you rejected, was it after 1st interview? Maybe consider whether u have the skills/knowledge to do the job.


the skills/knowledge for this job can be learnt, i don’t see it as a reason not to try again. keep trying if you have the desire to work for them:)

Yeah i’d say wait 6 months, its better than the 12 months rule other firms have. maybe try and get feedback so you know what to improve specifically?


“How have some people got away with it?” - I don’t know I am guessing luck - some people have posted here and other forums about it but I would guess they are 1 out of every 1000 who try it


This would be interesting to know.

If you have or know someone who has been able to do this and succeed, please do let me know.

Jessica xxx


I can guarentee itd be a wasted app as pwc’s ref checks especially are thorough and i read somewhere tht they arent afraid to withdraw offers if were any discrepencies! I didnt realise kpmg was every 12months and applied aftr 6 with anthr email and this got flagged up.


With KPMG I think some are 6 months depending on how far you get in the application process - some people have posted 6 here and some have posted 12


Yeah its Deloitte as far as i know that is 12 months for all reapplications…annoying


Grant Thornton is 12 months too btw


BTW, is it 6/12 months after initial application or after the rejection?


i think 12 months after application.


I thought it was 6 months after the date they reject you but just checked my email and not sure as it doesn’t specify


mmm im not sure i would have thought from the date you made the application?, its only 6 months with pwc though, 12 with the rest!


They all do say ‘after application’ but it’s difficult to say how they define ‘application’. I guess it is a matter of emailing each individual company…


For PWC it is 6months after the date of rejection, the day you received the rejection letter. If you are really desperate why not just research other accountancy firms? There are plenty of others out there with very good graduate schemes. Some I’ve heard even treat their graduates a lot better than the big4.


I applied for Corporate Finance in London with PwC before Christmas and got rejected right away without even being asked to take online tests. I suppose the timing wasn’t great to apply for CF in London. A month ago I had been rejected by E&Y and KPMG and was due to do my final assessment with Deloitte so I reapplied to KPMG, E&Y and PwC using a different address, email address and contact number. KPMG nad E&Y both sent me emails within a week to tell me that their records showed I had already applied and so I couldn’t reapply. PwC however didn’t and this time around I was invited to take the online tests (I applied for a different service line this time) and after passing them I was invited to a first interview and having got through that I am now on to the assessment centre. My application for PwC was pretty much cut and pasted from my original application which got rejected before Christmas. I’ve no idea why it worked with PwC and not with E&Y or KPMG (originally with KPMG i got to first interview stage and with E&Y i was rejected at application stage - again applying for CF London). The only thing I can think of is that mayhe they log your IP address when you apply and perhaps I applied for PwC from my university and the 2nd time round I applied from home, whereas with the others I might have sent all the applications from home…can’t really remember though. Hope it all works out for me anyway! If not then I’ll just reapply for PwC with my original account after my 6 months are up!