WhatsApp group for big 4 applicants 2019 intake!


Hey guys I figured we make a whatsApp group to help each other out with applications.
They indeed are stressful! I currently have already applied to KPMG and am waiting to hear back after submitting my digital audio submission!
If anyone sees this thread reach out to me on +447491000221 and we’ll get it started :slight_smile:


Have you applied for audit?


Yes I have applied for The empowered Audit program :slight_smile:


Just reading about the layout of the KPMG Empowered Audit programme now; that looks pretty good. I did audit @ PwC and it was front loaded, and very stressful. Spreading it out would definitely make it easier.


What do you mean by frontloaded? I am sorry for my ignorance on this


All the courses and exams were squashed into the first 12 months, which was extremely difficult to do while also working on client work.


So you mean 15 exams in the first year? I dont think that is possbile


It was different when I did it, it was 6 exams in the first year, with 9 exams in total. All the technical stuff was in the first 6 exams.


did you work for pwc?


Yep, in London.


I applied for pwc’s summer internship last year but unfortunately didnt make it through after attending the AC
I will be applying this year again (but for a summer internship).
Can you please help me with AC and the final partner interview?


*but for a graduate scheme


I mean do you have any tips for the case study? I passed the group discussion


It was a long time ago but I can’t imagine it’s changed that much; what do you want to know?


How do i structure my answer and what are the main points to look for?


That’s a very broad question, but primarily they’ll be looking for how well you perform on key competencies. For the case study, the relevant ones will be:

  • Leadership/inituitive
  • Teamwork
  • Commercial awareness- do you understand how the details of the case study affect the client
  • Understanding the impact of the case study on the firm (e.g. reputation)


Hi there. Could i please ask what you were asked for the digital submission? Thanks


Hi there! would you like to join the whatsApp group?


would you like to join the whatsapp group? we have a group of graduates all in the same boat as you! :slight_smile:


Hey yes please. That would be great