What's the difference between ACA and ACCA?


Genuinely, I’m fully qualified ACA, people that think it’s “better” or ACCA is more “international” don’t really know what they’re on about.

Both are pretty much the same thing. Both are UK qualifications.

ACA has a better profile strictly in the UK, because top 6 firms always do ACA for their grads, never ACCA. So ACCA implies you didn’t train at a top firm. But the difference, obviously, is not because of the “quality” of the qualification it’s purely whether you trained at a top firm or not.

ACCA on the other hand has spent more money and effort on getting international partnerships. This however doesn’t mean it’s “internationally recognised”. Go on and try to use your ACCA in the USA to sign a set of accounts and see how quickly you end up in jail, lol.

In short, both are good. If you are employed, just do whatever your employer wants. If not and you’re willing to self study, ACCA is more self-study friendly so do that.

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