What would you choose over these three choices?

Grant Thornton

Hey guys out of the three choices below what do you think is best taking into consideration the company and location:

Deloitte - Cambridge
Ernst & Young - Dublin
Grant Thornton - Oxford

I haven’t received offers for these places but I am in the running and would just like some feedback in regards what you think is the best option and why!


Where are you now? If you are location flexible then I’d base the decision on which company feels best for you from the contact you’ve had and what you have read or heard that aligns with what you want from an employer. You also have the choice of big 4 and GT just outside the big 4 there too so there are the pros and cons relating to that. All in all though, they are all big accounting firms which will offer you a competitive contract (if you’re successful of course) and top notch training and experience, and the chance to work with intelligent ambitious individuals, so really it comes down to what you are looking for personally.

As for the cities, again it really depends what you want. I imagine you’ll probably have more to do in Dublin in terms of nightlife and shopping and that, but a quieter and more relaxed experience in the other two, with London just a bus away if you want it. Also, depending on where you are now think about the logistics of getting home to see family and friends (if that’s a concern). I’m not really flexible on location so I just applied locally and chose the firm I felt most suited me.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


DUBLIN anytime. Big 4 in a big, capital city. Dublin is an amazing city too.
GT Oxford is a relatively “small” practice. GT is not big 4.
Deloittes Cambridge, well ok it’s big 4 but Cambridge? Smaller than Oxford in terms of urban size.


I am based in the North of Ireland so about 3 hours away from Dublin. I have actually got the job in Dublin with the other two I have 2nd interviews with. I am leaning towards GT over deloitte so its more of a head to head between oxford and dublin. Maybe this is a question to ask if I actually receive an offer from GT. Thanks for the comments guys!


i would go for gt in oxford… the training will be better


How will the training be better?


gt are generally regarded as having the best internal training dept. also the jobs you work on, you’re more likely to see from start to finish