What would you choose between pwc and deloitte? (audit)


Hello guys,
I have to decide between pwc and deloitte for a graduate position in london in audit, and I am very confused. My first pick was deloitte, based on the fact that I had a better experience in the assessment process (immediate feedback straight from the partner, prompt answers from grad recruitment etc). However, pwc might have better exposure to FS clients (I would like to choose this industry). Also, in terms of career progression, pwc seems to offer better opportunities for moving between lines of service, secondments… does anyone have recommendations for me? Any feedback is highly appreciated!!


PwC any day of the year. Fantastic career progression and unmatchable prestige.


Thanks for your answer, do you work for pwc?


No, I know people that do. Best of luck!


right, thanks a lot! does anyone have other opinion? i have to make this decision really really fast…


In the grand scheme of things I doubt it will make much difference

If you think the work environment will be better at Deloitte go for it (they already took over pwc as largest global firm)


Yeah, I know that. Well, the thing is that obviously I’m going for the grad scheme, but it would be great to know that after that I will have a wider span of opportunities. Do you think pwc is better at offering that?


Anyone else? Pls help me, i need to decide soon:(


PwC might be maximum 5% advantage - but you could make up for that 5% by doing something at deloitte - i.e. quick promotion/prize winner etc. - it is a very close decision

I would go for best work environment and focus in ACA for now