What would I expect in an ubs Quantitative Associate Program interview?


I’m invited to UBS 1st round assessment day for Quantitative Associate Program in London. This stage of the recruitment process requires me to complete 4 x 30 minute interviews with 4 different representatives from the Quantitative team at UBS.

So, any suggestion what questions should I expect? This is a program interview, not an interview for a specific position (say, front office quant on FX), I suppose that the degree of toughness for this graduate program interview might be less than that of an experienced hire, is it true?

Would their questions be mainly based on my CV or they ask whatever they can think of for an entry level quant?

Lastly, what are your suggestions for my preparation towards this interview?

Thank you in advance for your reply, lads!


Quite interested, would you share some experience with us?
How did it go? What’s your background?

Wish you luck.