What will you be doing in your first year - Tax position. Anybody have a good answer?


I’ve got a partner interview tomorrow, and i’m expecting this question. I’ve prepared a couple of things, but i’m not sure exactly what the answer should contain, specific things i.e. writing reports… or broader things like helping firms with tax issues to reduce their liability??

Any help would be great. Thanks.


Hi, have you had your interview yet? I have an interview in a few weeks for a tax position and don’t know what to expect as most of the posts give advice on applying for audit positions. If you have had your interview please let me know what sort of things you were asked!



check tax return form
meeting with team mates/clients on projects
go to school
admin work

search the forum, there is a very comprehensive answer.


check Accountant1981 's posts in this forum, just search his name and you will have detailed posts. I think he is in Tax advisory or so at PwC. he made a good application form at that time. Good luck


didn’t get the job in the end, but this question didn’t come up.

questions i had were

how do you learn
a time when you have had to learn quickly and what did you do
how do you make decisions and how does this compare with how others make decisions
if you had five things to do, how would you decide what to do
has there been a time when you have had to take a risk and what happened
has there been a time when you took a risk and it didn’t pay off
a time when you have been creative
how do you keep up to date on acconting news
how would you save the economy
if you raised peoples personal allowance to let them spend more, how would pay back the money lost

sure there were a few more.

i didn’t think i did too badly, but nontheless i ddin’t receive an offer.

more applications to come.


Sorry you didnt get the offer 6thedition. To whom did you apply?