what will i do as 1st year auditor?


check invoice,

take lessons towards ACA

travel around,

anything else ?


Audit financial statements
Verify accuracy of data checking for their Accuracy, completeness and consistency (thats an accounting term i think) / Ensure that records are a true and fair reflection of business performance
Test controls to help the company mitgate against risks
Check for compliance with IRFS and Sox 404
Chase up clients to find out missing information or find out why there are inconsistencies

hope that helps its what ive been saying so far anyway! its more generally what an auditor does and may not be done in a first year but could be talked about anyway


Work 12+ hour days, get treated like the company dogsbody, whilst at the same time struggling to fit in time to study for the ACA…

Didn’t fancy audit much myself.


Beg clients for documents, spend hours finding the particular invoices you want to vouch, do a bunch of casting, check documents for grammar/spelling mistakes, miscellaneous office administration… at least that’s what I did as an intern! Seemed to be about the same for the first years.


Also fill in your timesheet every 15 minutes!


I am currently applying to be an auditor and I have the same question on my appliation form, I can list the sorts of things that I will be doing (largely thanks to this forum), but no more than that. What else can I say that will give me an edge?


You will be doing a lot of ‘ticking and bashing’ (the mundane work that nobody else wants to do, like making sure two documents agree and putting ticks on them!) you’ll also learn how to complete the simpler sections of an audit file and maybe get the opportunity to be solely responsible for a small audit (like a subsidiary or pension scheme) by the end of the year, among many other tasks. A lot will depend on the firm you work for as to how much you will be let loose on. You might like to mention the other areas you’re interested in - perhaps you’d like to get involved with graduate recruitment at some stage - there may be opportunities to do so.

Don’t underestimate the importance at interview of demonstrating an understanding of the ticking and bashing side - a partner is likely to be impressed if you’re aware of the not so interesting side to the job and can still display enthusiasm!


…and as gameinuk says - always mention your qualification/study/exams! It’s a massive part of your first three years and you’ll be spending a lot of time on it!


what can you get involved in except for graduate recruitment? I heard stuff like that is important to boost your pay grade



that was really helpful


Hey guys. I created a wiki page answer to this interview question, you can find it here - http://www.wikijob.co.uk/wiki/what-do-you-think-you-will-be-doing-your-first-year-auditor.

Please free to add to and edit it as much as you want to!