What will I be doing in KPMG Audit?


what do you think you will be doing in your first year at KPMG?

Can you use the work ‘ticking’ and the information from their website or do you really have to phone them up? Does anyone actually work in audit KPMG? I really would like to get this finished as soon as possible.


Yes you will be ticking but is there any way that you could describe ticking in another way so that you do not need to use the term itself?

To be honest, I dont really understand why people apply for jobs such as this where they dont know what they are going to be doing!


Jerk - agreed. However lets not turn our beloved wikijob into the flaming cesspit that is thestudentroom :wink:


People apply for jobs when they don’t fully understand the job role because there is insuccient access to useful careers information on the internet. Don’t blame Jen, blame careers offices, companies and other careers websites that don’t explain jobs properly.

Jen - this article is useful for you [[accountancy & Professional services]]. Also, have a scout arond the KPMG titled forum posts. You might also like to PM Chrism371 who will be able to give you some pointers.

Don’t worry Joyrevision - we will never be TSR! …but you can certainly help make us bigger by posting links to us on their site and other ones!



Good to hear.


Jerk - thats what I want to know - I know I will be ticking, but how exactly to phrase it on the application form in about 50 words - my first sentence being that I work on a clients site, last being that I will have to study for exams in the evening and weekends.