What to do: slow application and going away?


I applied to a firm in the financial services sector. They messed up my application but now it has been sorted and I will be invited to an interview. The problem is that they seem to take a lot of time to arrange things and I am worried they will schedule an interview during the time that I am going away on holiday, in about 3 weeks.

Should I get in touch with them now to let them know that I will be going away? I have already booked flights a long time ago and can’t change them, and will be gone away for a month. I don’t want to look pushy and demanding, because I have already spent the past week or so getting in touch with them to sort out the error they made with my application. But at the same time I don’t want to miss an interview and potentially miss out on an offer because I was out of the country.

Any advice?


It’s a difficult situation. You are facing a kind of trade-off between holidays and job :confused:

But it also depends on the firm you applied to. If you are applying in something which is very competitive, like IBD, there is so many candidates that they may can’t schedule another interview.

Tell us which firm is it, if you can.


Its with Bloomberg. Any advice on the best thing to do?