What to do in your year out!


I have a job which starts in Sept 09 (er…hopefully!)

Just wondering what everyone else does in this situation if they have already graduated.

Work, travel, chill, is pretty standard but is there any thing else I could be doing/learning that could help me in my career? (i don’t know, maybe start learning for ACA now! or brushing up on excel etc)

What would you do?


I asked this question in my partner interview the other day, as in ‘Is there anything I could do in the months leading up to Septmember in order to prepare myself for the job/ACA exams?’

His response, essentially, was ‘no’. His feeling was that you get trained from scratch, and that you wouldn’t really be able to gain much advantage by completing accountancy courses/work experience etc. At least not any significant advantage.

Personally, as soon as I sign a Sept 09 contract I’m off travelling!


I say make the most of your free time - travel, volunteer abroad, take up a new hobby, earn a bit of cash in a dead end menial job :wink: - anything you fancy really, so long as it’s not simply a year of watching daytime tv - even though you would probs become rather good at it in this time!! Like lukeb, if I get an offer for Sept 2009 i’m off round the world once I have enought money…


Whilst I would make the most of your free time, be careful about what experience you choose.

A gap year can really add to your CV if you take a role with a degree of responsibility and something that stretches you.

Any idiot can travel round the world for a year becoming broad minded, many recruiters do not often see this as unique. Many people have done it, many don’t really experience the foreign lifestyle as they get pissed from backpackers to backpackers.

I would teach or something similar, you can really immerse yourself in the culture developing a non-western working style too. Maybe do this for 3/4 months, then tag your travelling on the end of that.

For my gap year, I ran safari camps in Africa. Tough work at times, though it put me in the heart of the Okavango Delta, which made it more than worthwhile.


thanks! thats very interesting…I studied abroad in my 2nd year though so I think i’ve done enough travelling


Dumatua, what you say is true in that travelling won’t necessarily be seen as a major positive on your CV. However, it certainly won’t be seen as a negative either.

For the record, despite having taught, volunteered and lived abroad for significant periods of my life, long term solo travel ‘bettered’ me as a person far more than these other experiences. It’s true that any idiot can travel, but these days any idiot can volunteer for charity work in the developing world as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is do what YOU want to do and not what you think will look good in the eyes of some potential employer in the future. Life’s too short etc…

Anyway, congrats on the job traineewannabe, enjoy whatever you choose to persue!


learn a foreign language. its a good way of spending time in a different country, travelling and getting an added advantage on your cv.

Having said that do what you really fancy doing. Not everything in life should be aimed at creating a better cv.


haha yeh actaully thats a good point… thanks alot noob


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