What should i do???


Hi guys,

I recently graduated (3 weeks ago) from my masters from Cambridge and am now looking to join a bank. Do you think I should apply for full-time positions starting in 2011 or should i apply for off-cycle/winter internships? Because of the tough job market i am looking at an easier way to get into a BB, moreover, some banks only allow one application so i therefore need to make a choice soon.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.



erm that is vague, wanting to get into BB is all fine and good but you really need to be specific about your goals, evaluate where you fit etc etc. each division/desk can be very different and need different skillsets.

Only with a clear target can you actually go for it and also depends on your experience, aside from your education which is good enough… but academics is one thing…performing once you have a job is another


Ahh yes, NERVA10, I forgot to mention I am looking to get into IBD-M&A, I have prior internship experience at a BB but not within IBD unfortunately. The answer I am basically looking for is: should i apply for full-time IBD positions or winter intern IBD position?


depends how confident you are in securing a full-time IBD. I would say apply full-time but consider some winter ones to gain some extra experience alone the way (unless you can negotiate earlier start date for full-time which is possible). up to you but personally if you are good enough i had say full-time if you can secure it. Considering M&A is sort of picking itself up again, it might be a good time to join the industry again… that is if we aren’t having a stagnating economy…which seems more likely for now.

I am not a fan of IBD though… long hours and churning presentations ugh…


do you know extra european languages???

If so, then winter/Autumn internship would be easy to get into.


go for offcycle and fulltime simultaneously. you can always use 2 different email addresses. who would have spotted it?? this is what people do, i know someone who used multiple emails to apply to the same bank, different divisions and different geographical areas. although he didn’t get any offer in the end.


interesting averagejoe. you say he did not get any offers but did he at least secure any interviews/ ACs?




Cant you do both? App for winter/off-cycle internships at some banks and grad roles at others. To be honest I dont see what’s stopping you from doing a winter internship and then starting a grad role at the same bank.


Are those who have already graduated eligible for off cycle internships? Or are these only got ppl who are currently doing a bachelor / masters with an internship requirement as part of it??