What IT positions would provide travel options?


Hi everyone,
I’m currently studying for an MSc in Computer Science in UK. I’ll be graduating later this year and am starting to look for work with the intention of joining a graduate scheme. I’m planning to apply for Java programming and/or data mining positions, although that’s not set in stone. My grades have been good so far, with an average of 68.5%. Ideally I’d like to join a company in the UK that has a global presence and would require me to go to different parts of the world to work for them. I lived in Japan for a few years and would like to be posted somewhere in Asia, although a job that entailed any sort of international travel would be really attractive. When I say travel, I don’t mean sitting on a beach, I mean working and living in different cultures.
Could anyone recommend what sort of position and/company could provide this? I’m thinking big multinationals like IBM, Siemens and so on, but should I be aiming to join on a graduate scheme and work my up to that position - or could it be possible right away? I understand getting on a graduate scheme is no easy task, but I’m just thinking “if”
Any advice or input would be hugely appreciated, I really don’t know much about the IT corporate world yet, but am willing to learn.


You could try [[Accenture]], [[Bloomberg]], [[Thompson Reuters]]…