What is the next step in retail management after Lidl?


Hello everyone,

It has been a year since I joined Lidl as a deputy manager (right after university - I have BBA and MBA). I like what I do that is why want to stay in retail. For now, I do not have any progression (may be it is too early) for that reason I wanted to see - what options I have available to move up the ladder?

Thanks all for your comments.


i have an interview coming up for a Deputy Store manager role soon and would like to know if anyone knows what they pay as a starting salary, i live 2 hours away from interview location and am self employed so would need to take a day off, the website used to say “market leading salary” but now says starting salary £21,000 (less than i currently earn) i asked lidl but they couldnt tell me until the interview. any help or info would be great help!




yes, that is right. The starting salary is 21K for all deputy managers - starting this month. Every year it will increase by £1,500 but no more than 28K. They used to have starting salary of 25K, but I think because of recession decided to lower it. I do not want to scare you but the hours are crazy - I am doing on average at least 60 - 65 hours per week so at the end if you divide your salary with hours you do, you will end up making less then cashier.

If you will decide to go on interview - wish you could luck.


thanks for reply syva, will have a long think about weather or not to go for it, at the end of the day a big part of the decision is money though! thanks again


Hi I applied for the Graduate Store Manager position and have a group asessment in two weeks time!!

I am a bit worried about all the negative wiki posts!! is the application process as bad as everyone says it is?? and more importantly once in the job is it also that bad?? if we do in fact get a graduate store manager position, will we have to be stacking shelves?? Is there any support, training or development plan?? Any positives other than the money?

Any mesage would be of great help!




Hi Revs,

How did your interview go? What did it consist of? Did you get through?

I have an interview within the next few weeks and was just wondering what I should know about it (first stage group interview) I have read a few posts, but them seem to be dated back to 2009.

Any help is appreciated,



Hey Syva,

I am wondering are they not offering you any different job? And how long does it take to become a store manager? Have you ever asked?


Hi Revs,

Would you be able to give me some advice about the group interivew/assessment day you went to? I have a group interview for the graduate store management position in 3 weeks time and I’d love to know a bit more about how the process works.

Thank you, Rhys.