What is the ACA qualification layout exactly?


I am going to my partner interview tommorrow with PwC but am a little cofused at what the actual layout of the ACA course is as i am finding conflicting advice on the internet. Right, so heres how i get it so far, there are two sections to the qualification the professional and the advanced. Advanced level is third year of the qualification and entails 3 exams, one of which is a case study. Now the professional section is where i get confussed a bit. This section is divided into two sub sections, the knowledge section and the application section. Now i have read in one location on the web that there is 6 exams in the professional section but also that in the knowledge sub section there are also 6 exams, 3 at the end of week 7 and 3 at the end of week 15 and that i would have to sit exams in the summer for the application section.
If anybody could put a layout of the course in a chronological order with details of what the module titles are and when abouts you do them i would be very grateful!


Fossie, the new layout only started last september so not that many people will be able to answer this for you. The info you have above is as much as I know but there may be a second year who has an idea…

Just so you know, it’s very unlikely you need to know this for the interview, if that’s your concern. If not, detailed info is due to be given during the induction.


I second that. It’s important to know things like:

  • why you want to do [[ACA]] rather than [[ACCA]],
  • what kind of things you’ll be doing as part of the [[ACA]],
  • how much study is involved with ACA
  • what having ACA means for your career

…but you don’t need to be able to recite the exact structure of the course. I doubt your interviewer will even know what you just discussed! Focus on commercial awareness and knowledge of the firm. Good luck.


Partner probably won’t be too knowledgeable on the new layout either. When you take the exams and which exams you take are largely at the discretion of your firm.

In your first year, you will have 12 exams to sit. This is the professional stage. 6 e-assements (multiple choice) and 6 application (written).

(e-Assessment) - (application)
Principles of Tax - Tax
Assurance - Audit & Assurance
Accounting - Financial Accounting

Law - Financial Reporting
Management Information - Financial Management
Business Finance - Business Strategy

Advanced stage is sat in your 2nd year and there are 3 exams - passing these will mean you’re exam qualified. Your 3rd year is spent in the office racking up enough time to officially qualify.


cheers for that guy, much appreciated.


Yeah make sure you look on the [[ICAEW]] website, the [[ACA]]'s board.


Got the job guys, thanks for the info.


Congratulations!!! Is that for this september???


You star! …where will you be based?

Any tips you can give us - any questions you can tell us?!!


no there was no space left for this september but i am starting in july so i get a few months in before i start the actual training started in september next year. give me a bit of time to play with i suppose


i will be based in the isle of man. the best tips you can get are all on this website. i knew nothing about accountancy two weeks ago but the advice on here under pwc interview questions and other sections that detail the make up of the interview such as competency based questions and numeracy testing are all fab. this is the only site you really have to look at in my opinion to get you through the interview. And just be yourself and relax in the interview if it is for pwc you are getting interviewed. They are very informal feeling although they work in some of the questions on this site into the conversation. If your interviewer is anything like mine you could end up talking about how your wee brother once fell out of a tree one time, its that kinda informality. Also ask the interviewer about themselves too, not only does that take the pressure off you for a bit (not that it is a very pressured situation) but it gives you an idea of where they came from and perhaps how they see you. For instance the partner interviewing me came from a science based background like myself with no previous business experiance, just like me. Show interest in them and they tend to show more interest in you back. Good luck.


Thank you fossie. Glad you found WikiJob useful! :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful to hear! Well done fossie!


Dear Fossie, Could you post more about the PArtner Interview at PwC?