What happens at PwC More London office?


Hi everyone,

Preparing for a partner interview at PwC (Actuarial summer internship, AIMS) and saw that one of the questions people sometimes get asked is ‘why did you apply to this office?’

I was wondering if anyone who works at the More London office can shed any light on the departments present, clients represented etc.

Seems to be a pretty hard question to answer when More London is the only place which offers AIMS internships for a pretty big distance.

Also, with regards to the challenges PwC may face and its future direction, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

I think what the interviewer is aiming at here is why a PwC London office rather than one outside London. So concentrate on the diversity of clients in London, the size of them and what they are doing in the industry vs. those outside London. Check for any recent cilents the London office has won!
Also, think about networking opportunities internally and externally. London’s strong contacts with international offices and even maybe any specific Partners you will be working with in the London AIMS department.

In terms of challenges PwC may face, concentrate on changes in regulation in the industry as well as automation/ technology advancements. They are key.

I hope this helps! Good luck!