What does Deloitte look for from Social Interaction example?


Hi, guys,

I recently failed my first interview with Deloitte. The feedback I got was: your social interaction didn’t meet our benchmark. The HR refused to provide more details about what went wrong on my example.

I can recall the social interaction example I gave the interviewer was:
When I worked in an I.T project team, I supported and helped some member out of his problem. I also encouraged other team members to complete the task under tight deadline and I got positive feedback from them.

I know lots of guys here got offer from Deloitte. Would you like to share your examples about the Social Interaction? I have searched google and some management books. I found the ‘Social Interaction’ is a wide concept. I really don’t know what Deloitte looks from it.




I would assume that ‘social interaction’ was more to do with the rapport you built up with your interviewer and any other assessor you met on the day, so they would be assessing your ‘interpersonal savvy’ and your comfort around higher management. I would imagine they meant you failed in this aspect rather than on any specific interview question.

Furthermore, your core competence example sounds ok, you overcame barriers by working together and showed a personal commitment to the team etc. etc. etc., so I don’t see why you would not get through from this.

I recommend you practice your interview technique, there are plenty of guides around on what to do and what not to do. Although you don’t want to come across as nervous/arrogant/a bit of a joker I personally believe you should show a bit of personality in an interview and at least try to develop a rapport with your interviewer - they don’t want Mr/Ms Boring working for them or people with poor interpersonal skills!

Hope this helps,



yeah, it sounds like your interpersonal skills didn’t fit in with what they were looking for. I suppose it’s the general impression you gave over the course of the interview. It could be a number of things that went wrong - e.g. how well you expressed yourself, how you interacted with the interviewer, how you dealt with your nerves, whether you got involved and asked lots of questions etc… Just remember you are trying to sell yourself as a person and consultancies are looking for people who are excellent communicators and good at building relationships in different situations, you have to conveu this in the short space of time you are being interviewed.