What do I choose?


I’ve been put through to the assessment centre at EY for Corporate Tax. However the places in Manchester and Leeds (My first and second choices) have filled up. There is an opportunity to go for a place in Indirect Tax in Leeds but I’m not really sure how interesting this are would be. Does anyone know anything about working in Indirect Tax??
If I choose not to go for Leeds Indirect Tax I have been given the option to do Corporate Tax (well have the assessment day for it) in Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Luton, Newcastle, Reading or Southampton. And having never visited any of these places apart from Edinburgh I have no idea what to do!!! Any pointers on life in any of those cities or Indirect Tax???


I’m going to be doing Indirect Tax, I think it looks pretty good tbh.


I have just had a look at it and it seems quite business orientated anyway which I guess is what I was wanting from corporate tax. Do you think there would be much option to transfer after 3 years if I decided it wasn’t for me after becoming qualified?


Why don’t you hop on the train and visit a couple of the cities? Most of them are nicer than Leeds. :slight_smile:


I’m sure there would be plenty of options after you’ve qualified; I’m kind of hoping there will be anyway.

Edinburgh is a lovely place to live, I’d put that high on your list if I were you.


Better than Leeds. Defo.
Newcastle. Not as good as Edinburgh. But better than Leeds.
Bristol. Ok but I’d try and stay North. But potentially better/at least as good as Leeds.

Shame Manchester fell through…it’s a bit better than…oh you get the picture…

Poor old Leeds…

It’s getting better here though! And for my sins I’m not moving!