What can you do?!


Hi guys been a while since I last posted,

Since then I have finished my last exams and graduated with a first class honours from Glasgow Caledonian, I’ve also worked my way into the finance office of the company I work for to gain experience.
Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in all the applications I made for 2009 training positions, got to a few interviews and even a few final stages, however I’ve not been successful and no one has given me any feedback to explain why, all I’ve ever got was “you were a good candidate”…but nothing negative that I could say ‘that was why’.

I applied to PwC Edinburgh after I got my result as it was showing some spaces left, I passed the online tests and was invited to interview. I felt the interview went well, I actually enjoyed it but I just got the email 4 days later saying I was unsuccessful.

My Q is…what can I actually do to get a training contract?! I’ve went and got a first and some experience, no idea what I need to do now?!

Thanks for any help guys, feeling a bit emo right now!


Not that much else you can do just need to keep trying - most other people are in the same boat as you aswell

Try to get some more work experience so you have more things to talk about and competency examples


Hi Chris,

First, don’t get too discouraged. I lost count of the number of rejections I had, alot of them after getting to final stages too but it came good in the end, and I will be starting on a finance grad scheme at a retail bank in september doing ICAEW.

Have you got any feedback from PwC yet? As the guy I was dealing with at PwC was a great help in preparing and giving me valuable detailed feedback both after being successful at the assessment centre/first interview and after being rejected at the partner interview.

Have you also applied to the second-tier firms (BDO, GT etc.)?? Also have you thought of applying for roles in industry? I started off applying to big 4 (as that is the done thing for accounting grads, right?), but came to the conclusion that actually I would rather work in a commercial role, not external audit. There are also many great finance schemes in large companies in all different industries, a lot do CIMA, but there are many others that also do ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA. Quite a few do their recruiting over the summer for sep/oct start too.

Keep applying and going through the motions, as practice makes perfect! (honestly, it does)

hope that helps, Ucayman.

Edit -
and as hunter says… try and come up with some more examples for answering the competency questions.