what business news would you mention?


Hi guys,

Just a typical commercial awareness question:

Tell me two current business news that you are interested in, give detail.

Some people suggest that I shouldn’t mention things like credit crunch or U.K economy recession etc. This topic might lead to the follow up questions very difficult.

So what kinds of news are suitable for the interview?



Personally I’d also be reluctant to select those topics as they’ll be quite difficult as a) they’re probably very common subjects chosen by other candidates (so you’ll be directly comparing yourself to them) and b) the interviewers are going to be also knowledgable about them (which means they’ll know some tricky questions).

I’d pick up a copy of the FT and choose a story, not too obscure, but new and topical enough that the interview is unlikely to know much of it. Then do some serious research into it and impress them.


Thank you Loquitur!

I agree with you.

Could you tell me what kinds of follow up questions shall I expect from the interviewer after I tell them a business news?

I just picked up today’s top business news:

BAA ‘should sell three airports’

"The watchdog is recommending that the airport operator should have to sell two of its three airports in the South East - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

It also believes BAA should not be allowed to continue to own airports in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

BAA said it had “no intention” of selling Heathrow, its largest airport.

It described the regulator’s verdict as “flawed” and said the forced sale of leading airports would be “counter-productive”."

Would they just simply ask what you think about it?

Or go further:

Why did this happen?
How does BAA improve its business?
Their impact, or potential impact?
What should big4 do in this case?

Do the interviewers have framework for this kind of questions?

I really don’t know how deep I shall research into this issue.

By the way, I will attend an 1st interview with Deloitte for Technology Assurance and Advisory in September.


That’s a great article to pick. A really good choice. Make sure you understand that the competition commission is considering breaking up BAA because it’s standards are slipping due to lack of competing airports in the region.

It is, of course, not good for BAA’s business, but it should be better for travellers.

They will definately ask you questions- there is no framework, but they will pry to see if you really understand the situation and its implications. They are testing for [[commercial awareness]], analytical skills and business sense.


Incidently you can probably swing in something about how [[Deloitte]] could get involved, offering [[management consulting|consulting]] services or something- I’m certain that would go down well!


Excellent choice of article. I can only speculate at what questions they’ll ask you but you seem to have a fairly good handle on the sorts of things they might ask you.

Personally I suspect they’ll begin with some fairly simple open-ended questions to try and assess your ability to express yourself lucidly and whether you’ve picked up on the key points.

Then they’ll probably move on to more direct close-ended questions aimed at anything you might say that gives them opportunity to test your depth of knowledge, your ability to think on-the-spot or any issues relating to the area you are applying to work in.

Here’s an interview with Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair) who is thinking about leading a consortium of investors to buy Stanstead. Definately worth reading:

I would also look at the laws/ rules of when the Competition Commission would step in to break up monopolies and whether you think this is a case where increased competition would benefit the users or not.

Anyway, good start and best of luck.


I have a 1st interview for the Total Rewards and Benefits department (just waiting for them to get back to me on an interview date). I was doing a lot of research into the credit crunch (good old wikipedia and wiki references). Would you strongly recommend I use a different story, even though the recession is strongly linked with actuarial work?

An other idea is to find a story in the news in the week just before the interview and do some good research.



The credit crunch is still a good story to use - it’s just that your interviewers have probably heard it from a large proportion of candidates already. New subjects may impress your interviewers a bit more. I think the actuarial link ‘’‘is’’’ a good reason to use the credit crunch though.

I think we should make this BAA story into a Current Industry Issues Wiki!


Thank you very much for all your great replies! very helpful!!!


Yeah make sure you understand all about the credit crunch- you could easily end up talking about it even if you didn’t intend to, and they’ll expect you to know something about it.

If you are doing actuarial work, you could also talk about how poeple living longer is affecting pension funds, or how climate change is affecting the insurance market (e.g. hurricane katrina, or wetter summers causing more car accidents).

One word of warning though - insurance and pensions is a very technical business and you can easily find yourself out of your depth very quickly in an interview with someone from the industry, so be careful not to get drawn in or try to be too smart!