What are the best Resume layouts for Business analysis?


I’m a fresher and want to know about the resume layouts for my first business analysis job…


Hi Retika! the resume layout for professionals and freshers differs slightly. If you’re a fresher/ someone with less than 5 years of work experience, your CV will be 1 page long. If you have more than a total of 5 years experience- then your CV can extend to 2 pages.

About the format- If you’re building your CV for UK job market, it’s better to keep it simple and professional. Font size and type for titles keep it 10/Arial and for the bullet points 9/Arial. Your personal information and job titles will always be made bold. Next thing to pay attention- it is ideal to add only 4 bullet points for each experience as it helps avoid redundancy. And the last major point I’d mention is always starting your bullet points with action verbs, it helps you build your sentences in a conscious manner.

In case you’re interested in getting your CV reviewed by previous offer holders in business field, I could DM you a group link to get in touch with them :slight_smile:


Great answer from @AriaShah. I’d also say that if it’s a graduate role and you don’t have relevant professional experience, place your education first, reverse chronological order, as that’s the most important thing to a graduate recruiter.


I absolutely agree with you @chrism2671 And after the ‘Education’ Section, you can add your volunteering/mentoring experience, if you have any under ‘Positions of Responsibilities’- just incase you don’t have any internships/formal work experience.