What are my realistic options after the ACA? Grant thornton

Grant Thornton


I’m about to start a training contract with GT and although i’m very happy about this prospect, I’m also worried that i’m pigeonholing myself a bit.

I will be doing audit in London, but this does not excite me as a long term career option. I originally applied as I saw it as a ‘stepping stone’ to the start of a great career in areas that I am more interested in e.g. BR, management consultancy etc.

Now I am a bit worried that in fact I am going to struggle to achieve my desired career path and am going to be stuck in audit orientated career. Is the ACA really a door opener to various career options as some people claim it is? Or is it likely I’m going to be kicking myself in 3 years time?

Many thanks.




The amount of people that see the ACA as a stepping stone and don’t actually want a career in anything accounting related is unreal…

Just for statistics sake, if your heart is not into the ACA it tends to be that the exams will be a lot harder for such people as your less interested and dedicated…

Good luck.


BR is very much accountancy related, i said that i didn’t see a career in Audit as particularly riveting, not accountancy as a whole.

Also what is wrong with using the ACA as a stepping stone? Nothing! But thanks for the above…

Could anyone with some actual experience on the matter shed any light on my original questions?