What are my chances of getting into accountancy?


Im going into my 4th year at Glasgow University studying Statistics. My grade is a predicted 2:1. Ive decided that I would really love to do accountancy when I leave. I volunteer in Oxfam every Saturday Afternoon, Ive just finished a research project with the University and Im part of my church youth group. Basically Ive just started looking at application forms and I think I dont feel as confident about getting a job in accountancy. I was going to apply for the big four as well as other smaller accountancy firms but now I think I might just apply for the smaller ones. How easy is it to get a job with a smaller accountancy firm than it is with ,say, the big four?
What are the advantages of smaller firms over the big ones?
What are my chances of getting into accountancy anyway?
The other thing is I failed my Higher English and only got a B in intermediate 2, will this affect my chances?
Also three years ago when I was 17 I had depression although Ive never taken any time off school of university or work for it, but how many firms ask about it and what are my chances of getting any job if I tell the truth? What are my chances of getting a job ten years after having depression?
I was thinking that I might do three or four weeks voluntary work abroad next summer and then go to college and do a HND in either accountancy or business. How much would this improve my chances? Would you recommend Accountancy or Business? Would you suggest that I should get Higher English instead?


I think you will be OK. It is relatively easy to get an interview at a [[big 4]] acountancy firm (easier than at mid-level firms as they interview many more people), so your chances are good. A 2.1 in statistics is ideal. I would not worry too much about your higher results- these things happen, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last. They will understand- just explain your extenuating circumstances and they will likely overlook it in light of all your other achievements.

The HND will support your application but I would apply before enrolling for any additional course- you already meet the base requirements.

Benefits of working for smaller firms include:
*More diverse experience- you tend to specialise less, but this isn’t a bad thing
*Exposure to a wider range of industries (similar to the first point).
*More laid back working culture compared to some of the [[big 4]].


I’d agree with all that, Big Firms look more at diverse people than the smaller firms as they have the resources to train you up to their standard. Smaller firms can’t take the risk and so will only recruit Oxbridge students with 2.1s or higher.

it’s always better working at a big firm and then moving onto a smaller firm.


I think I might wait, do the HND and apply later. That will mean I can concentrate on my university studies and while Im doing the HND, Ill have a year to research everything about the application process, have answers for all possible interview and application questions and really research the role and each individual firm and a year to concentrate on getting a job.