What A Waste Of Talent!


If you guys are serious we should definitely get together and talk about it. As I mentioned, we wouldn’t be able to support this venture financially, but we could support you with some office space and PR - what do you say? :slight_smile:



PMed you


The first posts outlining the level of talent pent-up in these forums were interesting.

I think the idea of a WikiJob-born fund is a serious starter! Can you imagine the amount of press it would generate?! Ed from WikiJob even mentioned we could have office space! Nothing is impossible and by taking the media by storm I’m convinced we could acquire a qualified industry professional!

Since graduating I have struggled to keep my head above water by running two very small businesses (http://www.topuptents.com & http://www.snowmo.co.uk). I have been fighting my way, albeit unsuccessfully into Investment Management at the same time. If I could contribute my business skills to any financial service WikiJob incarnation, I would promise never to look at a competency question every again.

WHO’S WITH ME…yes?!! Right, now we’ve got to think of something to do. Heads together team.


I think in editing a grammatical error I have moved my previous post ^ to the bottom? Nevertheless, and without getting ahead of ourselves, if anyone else is keen to seize a fortuitous opportunity we should meet. If anything, just to share experiences of these wearisome applications, but in the hope of putting our minds to work!

PM me.


Well if we aren’t being as successful in grad apps as we had hoped I think this is a good way forward, if anything - it will give us some more examples to mention at those competency interviews! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in! :slight_smile:


@ dangerousrave - If this thing works out, you will be running point on this I guess. Now, the question is Experience. Do you have any Hedge-fund/PE or similar experience or know anyone who does. Coz, if we are to pull this off, then we need someone to show us the ropes at the start!!

@Redsuperted - thanks for all the support you have been showing Ed.


Like I said, win lose or draw this will be a massive PR plus.

I was thinking along the lines, I supply some capital, ed’s kindly offering location, you guys are gonna need to supply the talent. You guys are the Russel group quants. I am from uni of ‘saywhat?’

My only experience is trading oil, ftse, Dow, us and Uk blue chips with 10% ROI this year, was at 40 until my luck ran out.

Nothing on a scale of a fund.

My strength lies in taking a tech/media company from Zero to ipo specialising in media strategy. Which is my reason for contemplating a career change to IB.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because recruiting season is not over yet, it is reasonable to asssume if anyone of us gets an offer, it will be the best thing that happens this year, and if anyone who is going to get the offer first my money is on you IBD_Haunter

Can’t hurt to start building contacts and laying some foundation


“Can’t hurt to start building contacts and laying some foundation”

That’s exactly what I am thinking about! - atleast at this stage, if we build up contacts, then we would know who to call in a year’s time


“that post was a satirical parody meant to lighten up the serious situation…”

no, did not see that. too many overconfident kids with a B.A. in the streets who think they know big about global markets.


well if the first post did not come across as a satirical parody, that is my bad, I am sure the subsequent posts clarified it.

Your continued inference and condescending writing style shows a lot of maturity.

I guess EXS just proves that some of us are born to be consumers :slight_smile:


“I guess EXS just proves that some of us are born to be consumers”!
Not to add to the situation, but that phrase is brilliant!


“There are always fools in this market, if you don’t know who the fools are then it is most likely you” a funny but practical quote:P

But I had suggest OP trade the market yourself etc while trying to find a job. Trading other people’s money requires enormous trust/track record to prove you can do it. Also doing it like OP says involves lot of risk. There are reasons why these type of setting up so called hedge funds often do not work due to the complexity of money and trust. If it works, it will be great for your CV and finding of the job you really want but trust will always be an issue.

Although I do trade with my best friend, I have known him for several years and have complete trust. Just going by forum and knowing someone for few days and without a strong work experience in financial market will not be very realistic in my humble opinion.

Realistically I had like to see more people engage in engineering etc to produce goods than just “financial services” which would improve UK’s economy and resilience to downturns bit better.



you are abosutely right,

I’ve been talking to a few of the people on the forum and most would be interested in at least the idea of working together should no better offer comes along. Clearly a hedge fund or any financial services is wishful thinking at this moment. I am sure all of you know the requirements of FSA to provide financial services.

What do you trade?


I trade privately in US equities while my friend trades commodities. But we are close friends hence it makes it easier to do these type of investments. Even then I did not feel comfortable to do this until he insisted to do so and understood the risk part of trading/investment. The experience is very useful and turned out to be good thing to do for getting jobs…


despite my lack of maturity I still have to add that the idea of starting a hedge fund is probably overambitious (even ignoring legal aspects). being the mother of all consumers, I can tell you that consumers tend to look at a product’s quality. for a hedge fund, that means their consumers (investors) will have a close look at the track record, which you dont have.
since doing something is clearly better than doing nothing while being unemployed, i would suggest you to really start working on developing a trading strategy, backtest it properly and then walk into a prop trading firm with a nice pitch in your hands. these guys value entrepreneurial spirit and may give you IT infrastructure and leverage.


finally, EXS has something to add to the thread.

as a respect to other users, may i politely remind you to read previous posts before posting. I think the idea of hedge fund is being blown out of proportion here.

The idea of any fund is non-starter unless someone has very good contacts but the idea of some wikijobbers getting together remains interesting and is being entertained.

You wanna share your strategy/ideas or help develop one?



Not to rub it in, crude oil fell to 76.15 today and triggered my limit

thanks for that, would love to buy you a round! :wink:


Due to the secretive nature of many hedge funds and fund managers, some notable losses may never be reported to the public. The following contains a list of trading losses of the equivalent of USD100 million or higher.


Very interesting thread here guys. Has there been any progression from the last post?