What A Levels are required for Investment Banking Internships?


Having done research into banking internships and talking to various people it seems that a minimum on ABB is required for banking jobs. My questions is whether or not firms take into account the subjects you took at A Level. I got BBB overall, in maths, economics and italian. I like to think that BBB in these subjects is as good as for example AAB in things like P.E and media studies. Will firms agree with me or just throw my application away?

Any help much appreciated.


I’d say BBB would be alright, as long as the rest of your application was high quality. Firms state “minimum requirements” like ABB - but in practice if they see things they like in a candidate, they’ll invite them for interview. It’s definitely worth applying, as you’re only one grade off in one subject. Give HR at the companies you’re applying to a call first though and tell them you’re applying with a slightly lower set of A Levels than they’ve stated they require and see what they say…


What were your degree results?