WebSAF is an awful online application form system!

BNP Paribas

Browser version: Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11
Operating system. XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack3 Build 2600

I do applying several companies that use WebSAF application form. It looks WebSAF just works on one company!

When I log off from other company and log on another one, such as BNP Paribas, I only see the following message with my name on the page top instead of my previously saved information.

Communication Centre
Home Welcome to BNP Paribas - Global Communication Centre.
The application centre provides details on the status of your application and the application process, and allows you to print out a copy of your application and to edit your personal details.

According to WebSAF’s FAQ, I did delete cookies and change the privacy settings of browser. But nothing improved.

I sent a message via their web form, but no response after two working days.

Did anyone meet the similar problem? And any solutions?

WebSAF is the most awful web application i’ve ever seen!


I’d try using a different web browser! Hope it helps. (Firefox, Chrome etc).


Thank you!
I did try different browser, such as Firefox, Maxthon (but not Chrome yet). Same problem.
i believe this problem is caused by WebSAF’s bloody cookie policy.


A similar thing happen to me on a different website. The only way I get it to work is to delete cookies each time I re-log in:
*copy url
*delete cookies
*close browser
*open browser
*paste url

might work?!


Thank you Red!
What you suggested is one of my solutions. Sometimes it works, such as in Goldman Sachs, sometimes it doesn’t, such as in BNP.

Finally, i decided to use different email address for different company. So I have to log on 5 email accounts if i apply for 5 companies. It looks clumsy, but it works well!

i believe the WebSAF system has been developed at least 5 year ago using an old fashion way. Now it is a cr*p in web2.0 period!


The future is web 2.0! :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t it influence the decision of acceptance ?.. In the sense that, at the core of this WebSAF thing isn’t there a common database for all banks (Goldman, J.P.Morgan, Nomura, BNP Parisbas) which could bias the acceptance decision of each ?


Ana, thats exactly what I suspect. That WebSAF is one database, so their clients (alle the banks) will probably know where else you apply. I think this is an incridible valuable information to them. Of course WebSAF would never disclose this, but it seems very obvious.


I worked with websaf in 2008 and am surprised you received no answer to your email enquiry.

From millions of applications, there are always one or two people who have problems, and using cookies to track who you are after you’re logged in is common across most web applications…

Regarding the database, I can assure you that the banks definitely do not know who else you applied to, and can only read data you submit to each one specifically.






I want to create my webSAF account. How do i go about it