Watson Wyatt Phone Interview


hello ppl, iv got a phone interview with watson wyatt on tuesday for investment consulting. Anyone who’s had them or is going to be giving them soon, please share your tips and thoughts…thanks


I’ve got one on monday for investment consulting, I’m using the thread that was opened last year as a framework. However I don’t know how relevant it will be for this year, anyone else with a WW phone interview, would love to hear some thoughts on the process, thank you…


yea…im doin the same…do u have any idea how to access your application though? whenever i login , it shows me nothing…


yeah same here, have no clue!


dude just had the interview, didn’t go too well a few q’s put me off, basic layout is:

why ww?
why investment? What do you think this entails?
competencies were the same as last year:
a time you’ve had to adapt to changes, new process, difficult client/person, strong relationship! Tc good luck


thanks discernme! man…im nervous…to be honest the business of Watson Wyatt is quite confusing…im still not too confident about questions like whts the diff between non actuarial and actuarial…btw did it last the whole 45 minutes?


Hey Guys,
Hope you do well out of your phone interviews. I really hope to get one with WW as well. Could you please tell me when you applied? I applied about 2 weeks ago - hope that wasn’t TOO late?
Thanks in advance!


its not late at all…don worry.


Hey guys, I went for one of their open days at the companies office in westminster and to be sincere it seems to be a really wonderful place to work in . Every one seemed at ease and confident. Luckily for me I got to speak to a few of their staffs who gave me a few tips that on investment consulting which helped me a lot when i was applying for the job. Got the ONLINE TEST TO COMPLETE IN TWO DAY(A BIT UNUSUAL COMPARED TO MOST COMPANIES),does any one know if its the same standard SHL test?
Thanks everyone and best of luck


Yep, standard SHL test


Nah, the interview only lasted 25-30 minutes, the guy seemed pretty cool.


just had the interview…exactly the same questions as posted by discernme, but at the end the guy seemed to make fun of me for the questions i asked him!!


could you expand on what the competency questions are please?

are you asked when you implemented a new process?
and how you have built a strong relationship?



yep…both were asked. I think the strong relationship question can be reframed (as in my case) to something like when have you had to network or somethin like that… questions were 1) Why WW 2) Why Inv Consultin 3) WW is changing a lot, how do you feel working for a changing organization? 4) Tell me a time when you took an initiative outside of university 5) tell me a time u improved a process 6) a time when you dealt with a difficult team member (something along those lines) 7) did u apply anywhere else 8) a time you have exceeded expectations

can’t remember the rest…but there were 2 questions for four competencies so around 8 competency questions in total. i forgot what the 4 competencies he mentioned were :slight_smile: …1 was teamwork i think


Hello guys, when did Watson Wyatt say thet ld get back to you after the Telephone interview, thanks


anyone had an actuarial consulting interview? can you give me some guidance, please.


hey guys…

i applied…and also answered both the tests… they mailed me back asking fr my complete academic record… as they said the application was incomplete (!!!)… anyways… i replied back… and they immediately mailed me saying that i wud be given an answer latest by the 30th regarding whether or not i have telephone interview…
honestly speaking… i only applied on the 7th… got a reply from them on the 9th… and gave the tests by the 10th…

dunno wat to make of this situation… :s


I had the same email. I would phone them up to ask if you are likely to be called for a phone interview


Hi guys got an email today confirming i’m through to the next stage which i believe is an assessment centre, however there were no specifics. Has anyone else received this email?



yes i am through to the AC as well. no idea when they will happen