Watson Wyatt London full


Hey guys,

I was told today that WW had ‘filled their London opportunities’. So, I was just wondering whether there’s anyone on here who has had a WW AC in London?

I applied fairly early and was a bit surprised and disappointed to be told that the places had been filled. I didn’t even know WW was running London ACs yet.



For all the positions in London? or a particular group only?

I am very sorry to hear that.


What did you apply for bob? I heard that there was an AC in London last week. not sure what that was for though.
I applied for the Benefits Group at Reigate and have been invited to an AC in Leeds and I was given the details today when the AC is on Monday. Which gives me 2 more days to prepare as Ill prob spend most of Sunday travelling to Leeds. (I live in Southampton). I am not very impressed by WWs recruitment practise.


I only applied on the 4th Jan, but had a london AC since then!


Hi All,

I gave my telephone interview in Nov 2008 and passed it…since then I have been waiting for the AC and have been asking them regulalry…They say they will call me in feb/march…I applied for the Investmet Consulting london but now my application has been changed to Dublin…since they have filled all the places…I would be really grateful if anyone could share their experiences and let me knwo if they are in the same situation and has anyone heard about the AC for Dublin office being held in the near future?


Hi lg04 !

u applied on 4 jan for which scheme? and When did u attend ur AC?