Watson Wyatt First Interview


Got a first interview with Watson Wyatt next week, applying for Client Consulting, has anyone got any idea what this will entail or has anyone had any dealings with Watson Wyatt and their graduate recruitment?


I had a first interview with Watson Wyatt the other day. I’m applying for Benefits Group Actuarial Consulting and it was a telephone interview so it may be a bit different.
I was asked what I knew about the company, why I wanted to work in Benefits Consulting, a current issue related to the service line you’re applying to and five competency questions. I was also asked to explain something to them in a way that they could understand if they’d never heard of it before (if that makes sense!)
I was told it could last up to 35 minutes but it only took 20.

Hope that helps you!


Hi Laura,

Thanks for the advice.
Had my interview today via telephone and found it quite tough- some of the competency questions were quite tricky- how you adapt to new circumstances, how you exceeded expectations, how you changed a process… etc. I didnt think these were exactly standard questions, but I supposed you have to think on your feet- which I didnt really do.

Good Luck with it


Ollyrj and Laura,

Thanks for sharing the information and would you mind sharing what were the competency questions you were asked and how many were there in total?
Was there anything like ‘a team doesn’t work well’/ I wonder what does the last question Laura listed means too:I was also asked to explain something to them in a way that they could understand if they’d never heard of it before?

Thanks again for sharing!


Hey everyone,

Regarding the question: ‘explain something to them in a way that they could understand if they’d never heard of it before?’, does it mean that we can explain any topic? What if they say the knew the topic and ask you to change a topic?

THanks for sharing, I have mine in two weeks time.


Hey, I’m obviously not very good at explaining things clearly!
I meant that you have to explain something to them without using any jargon.
When asked for a topical pensions issue I spoke about defined benefits shemes and I was then asked to explain the difference between a defined benefit scheme and a defined contribution scheme.
Just make sure that if you mention something technical you know what it means and that your able to explain it to them.

Good luck!


Was there anything like ‘a team doesn’t work well’/ commercial awareness for WW?

Thanks a lot!


Well…having spoken to a few other people, I think I had a bit of a stinker of an interview , with some quite harsh questions- in other interviews questions have taken the form of …‘now I’l ask you about team work…tell me about a time when…’. This was more ’ Tell me about a time when you formed a strong working relationship?’ and it was hard to know what competency I was being asked to demonstrate.

There was no commercial awareness, but maybe my interviewer felt sorry for me , because I d stumbled my way through the competency questions!

It was no surprise to get an email today telling me that my application would go no further!

Think it just taught me to prepared for anything, be more relaxed- I was a bit nervous, and to really know your stuff for the standard questions. If you can really nail on the first few questions like Why WW/your company- which you should really know about, it gives you confidence to keep going. Unfortunately for some reason I stuttered a bit when saying why i wanted to work there/service line etc, even though I knew what i was gonna say and had some notes, but its all a learning curve i guess.

Good luck guys.


Just passed the tests yesterday and today they hv scheduled a telephone interview with me on the 5th Dec. Really hv no idea why it is so late, 3 weeks away from I did the test? Is it because I applied for the strategy group? Anybody here appy for the same programme?

And, was the telephone interview tough??


Hi london-mai am doing my online test on monday any tips on what questions to expect, congrats on passing yours and good luck with the interview


Hi Samyjo, for the numercial test, In my case they were not hard, the first 10-12 questions were very easy, like the standard SHL questions. But the final few were harder, just more data to read n more calculations. I am sure you will be fine if you get enough practices. About the verbal one, if English is ur first language, then that’s not a problem at all I think, since they are from SHL as well. Good luck with ur tests.


Thanks london_mai will try and practice some more where can I get more SHL practice tests was only able to do one and the results were not good. is there anywhere I can get the questions to practice SHL and then get the answer to see where I’m going wrong anyone out there help!!!


efinancialcareers as i remember it has 3 tests there, u r able to see the answer after u complete the test. The questions i think are not from SHL but u could use it for practices.


Thanks london_mai am going through those right now test 1&2 and will atempt 3 when I have a better understanding of how they work. logged on to SHL site and did a test on there but could not finish result came and was obviously bad but now cannot get anymore tests on their site or even go back to the one I did to re-take any idea on how to do this anyone???


hi ollyrj sorry to hear about you telephone interview, any tips on the online tests am taking one tomorrow and am very scared I wont make it


can some one help me please! what is a non-actuarial role?! I know what an actuarial role is (i.e. working on pensions, insurances) but what is a non-actuarial role!?


Will look into it tomorrow if thats any help and get back to you, have you tried the company website and not the graduate link as this is where I found most of the infor for my application…


Hey guys,

Just thought I’d add my 2pence worth. The maths test is fairly hard, harder than Big 4 for example but doable. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle the verbal is pretty standard but some of the questions towards the end of the test were quite hard.

I then had a phone interview, which was pretty tricky and I was surprised to have passed. There were a few questions on why WW? why investment? and then 5 competency questions. The ones I got have all been mentioned on this thread and they were quite specific so you had to think quickly. I thought the interview had gone badly, especially as the interviewer didn’t seem to understand me and took ages to take notes so I couldn’t say all that I wanted to.

But I got through to the AC and was wondering if anyone on here has experience of their AC?

Cheers guys


what are the competency questions like? are they difficult? I am applying for the benefit group and got the interview next week. thanks


Hey guys,
Just finished my tel interview. Don’t feel really good. HR did say something before each question like"now we will go to … area(teamwork/ leadership)" , but the thing was that once I used one of my examples to answer a question then later i realized it was better for next question hence i had to struggle for a new example! it was so silly! certainly they don’t expect a very detailed answer, make sure ur answer structured. questions just like what other ppl wrote before, why ww, why the role and competency questions. for me: build a team spirit, improve a process, build a relationship, flexibility, influence other ppl, leadership(?)
Anyway, goodluck for everyone.