Watson Wyatt assessment centre


Anyone been to Watson Wyatt assessment centre? Could you kindly share your experience? Or anyone is going to have one? We can work together and gather information

Thanks very much and good luck everyone! :wink:


Omg, the interview was nothing like what people described, they must’ve asked aroun 15 competency qestions… I was seriously running out of examples!!! Wonder if i did well enough…


Hi everybody,

I have also just passed the first interview. Apparrently we would be given a topic to prepare for the presentation during the AC, that’s what I was told by the interviewer. Anybody has other info???

We might go to the same AC, excited!!!


Yeah! I am also concerned about the written exercise… it’s something related to the position u apply for, sounds scary!

Btw, which division are u guys applying for? I applied for Actuarial Investment Consulting.


hey guys,

I’ve an AC with WW coming up too. I emailed them today about dates and they said they were still TBC. I applied for Investment- Client Consulting in London.


I applied for two locations: London and Manchester.
It seems very likely that we will attend the same AC!!!


looking forward to our group discussion, LOL*

Thx Nikita for your info~~~ Wondering what kind of topic will us be asked to prepare for the presentation…


Looks like I am the only Manchester guy here?! anyway…Can’t wait to get this over with and have an easy Christmas holiday. alright…Keep the spirit!


aww… me too!!! JDK90 I might get the Manchester AC, who knows~~


Hey ppl, I’ve applied for Investment Client Consulting in there Reigate office. I got through the 1st round and waited for a week for a response about their AC. They just told me today that they’ve arranged my assessment centre for WW in Leeds which was my 2nd choice probably becuase it saves me the long journey of goin to london from newcastle . Was wondering if anyone else has a Leeds AC?? Also will we need to do anymore numerical or verbal reasoning tests at the AC??



I’ve still not heard about the AC. I’m getting a little worried as I want it out of the way asap but I’m out of the country from the 16th and pretty busy between now and then. yikes. I think they might retest at the AC but the website doesn’t say for sure (I don’t think)


Don’t worry bob85, I can’t make it on 16th either :stuck_out_tongue: called them today to inform them about my availability… I think u should call them too.


Hey guys,

This may or may not be relevant to you. I just rang WW grad recruitment. I applied for Investment - Client Consulting with London as my first choice and Reigate second. I was told that the places in London had been filled but that they would be holding AC for Reigate in Jan.

Tbh, I’m a bit gutted. I wanted to work in London and I got my app in fairly early and had the phone interview quite a while ago. Has anyone on Wikijob either had a WW AC or maybe has one definitely scheduled for London?


January?!! no, I want an AC before Xmas… this thing has been dragging too long for me…

I don’t mind Manchester so hopefully they will have an AC for Manchester soon!!!

Nikita, have you heard anything about the written exercise yet? =)


Has anyone done an AC for Benfits Actuarial Consulting? I gave an AC in Leeds on Monday and still havent been given the presentation topic.


ooh Saher, most of us ar still waiting for a date now. Perhaps we should get some advice from you after Monday. I think you would receive the topic on Friday as they normally give three days for your preparation.

Good Luck!!! x


Hey Saher, I read in your other post that you are travelling from Southampton to Leeds for your A/C. Did you arrange overnight accommodation in Leeds? I have an A/C in Reigate and I need to travel from Nottingham. Noticed that I will need to catch like a 4am train to get there for 9am, if that is the start time. Dont want to get to A/C and be sleeping in the writen exercise or something.


Are u guys applying for full-time positions or internships? I currently overseas but applied for London internship. Will that affect my chances for an AC invite? Thks!


Hi wing,I booked a room for a night. Watson Wyatt said they will reimburse all travel and accommodation upto 150. You really dont want to be waking up at 3a.m before an AC. What have you applied for? Im quite pissed off that they dint invite me to Reigate which would have been so much easier for me.


Ok cool, think i will book a room asap. I’ve applied for Benefits. Yeh you going to Reigate will be much easier to be honest! Do you study somewhere near Leeds?! If you did then maybe they thought that might be more convenient. By the way, do you need to be retested for the numerical and verbal?! I think i will need to in Reigate as I have received this link on my login saying ‘numerical verify test’ hahahah. Good luck with your A/C in Leeds!! Let us know how it goes!