Watson Glazer vs SHL


Anybody know the difference?

The impression i’m getting is thatWatson Glazer is pretty much the SHL verbal reasoning test but if anyone knows for sure please let me know!



Watson Glaser is much harder than the SHL tests - typically used for higher level posts


Watson Glaser is meant to be similar level to one of SHL verbal reasoning tests - some of them are harder and some are easier.


I’ve had to do the Watson Glaser critical thinking test in the past. Not the easiest test that’s for sure. It tests inference, recognition of assumptions, deduction, interpretation, and evaluation of arguments. Very thorough and very hard to practice for. That being said I managed to pass after thinking I’d performed poorly so the bar is typically low.


any book i can get on tackling watson glaser 5 tests of inference, assumptions, deduction, interpretation, arguments???



Any book u would recommend on tackling the Watson Glaser paper? How can i get sample papers to practice? also Rust numeracy? Thanks!