Watson, Farley & Williams - Assessment day


Hi there people,

I’ve got an assessment day coming up with Watson, Farley & Williams and I was hoping that somebody my have had some previous experience with the frim’s recruitment process.

Any tips or comments regarding past experiences would be most appreciated.

I’ve looked on the entry page for here but it just details the process, no examples of questions or what the intray/group excercise entails.

Many thanks for any time spent on this



Ah well - you tried! …you’ll have to be the guinea pig! …can you tell us what happens during your assessment process??!


Sure, I managed to get some advice actually so all is well… I’ll let you know what happens.


Hi there…

I have an assessment day coming up shortly with WFW - I was hoping you could share your experiences?

What’s involved in the assessment day? Anything more or different than it states on here? Also, any tips on the group exercise? And am I incorrect in thinking that a critical thinking test and verbal reasoning test are fairly similar?

Enough questions from me! I’d be really grateful if you peeps could shed some light on the whole process for me.