wates Assessment Centre


hey joe, you know your mate who had a telephone interview last week, was that for production or commercial??


It was for commercial, he didn’t get to the assessment stage though. Sounds like we’re going to find out After the 16th…


well I applied for production management and was told the last assessment day was the 29th march… but ye maybe they are doing more. keep me updated


Alright mate, just got an email saying my application was unsuccessful. They must be letting people know soonish. Good luck with yours though.


Really sorry to hear that mate, good luck for the future anyway and thanks for keeping me updated


Hi joe,

I am sorry to hear that, Dont worry keep appyling and dont GIVE UP. I have been applying for over 2 years now. Make sure u ask them for feedback.


Thanks Adam I got feedback. Aparently I was really good, scored an average of 4/5 for the day. Just didn’t quite make the cut. FYI… The breakdown of the day was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company, then a group task discussing it, An interview asking like questions in which you had been in relevant situations and a presentation on sustainability. Good luck!!


I attended an assessment on the 22nd March and was told I would hear within 4-6 weeks but im hoping it’s a lot less than that!

Has anyone else heard back that have been successful?


Has anybody heard anything yet?


i think they start letting people know by end of next week or even sooner.


Cheers, how did your assessment day go yesterday? did they tell you that?


yeah the assesment went ok, but i think i could of performed better on some tasks, good luck mate. Hopefully u will get it. Chrisitine did say will take up to 2 weeks to let us no but i think it will be quicker than that


Ye good luck to you too! I hope its soon… its been ages!


Emailed them yesterday and received a reply today saying that the selection process is coming to an end and that they will be in touch shortly so I’m guessing later this week but more than likely next week.

Can’t stand waiting any more!


ye same. got that email today too. good luck!


I’m guessing next week, just want to know either way!


Anyone heard anything?




Just had a reply from an email and they said they are nearly finished and we’ll be finding out next week.


next week!!