Wanting to Back out of a Contract


Hi all, I am really stressed about finding a job and don’t really have the luxury of choosing between offers.
I feel like the the first offer I get I will have to accept and sign it.
But suppose I accept and sign a contract for a graduate scheme, and a fews later I get an offer from another company that I would rather take, is it easy to back of out a contract, and how would I do this?



Omg! I have the exact same problem. I can’t afford to risk it and say no. I wonder if it’s ok to back out of a contract. hopefully someone will know!


It comes down to what’s written in the contract. However, I’m pretty sure that if you told the employer about the situation and that you wanted to take a different job, then realistically they are not going to hold you to the agreement and force you to work for them against your will.


Yeah, i cant risk saying no lol, all my back up choices are replying to me before my first choice jobs lol


yeah, ur right.
however, suppose I have been with them for a few months, and still attend ACs, and I get the offer I want. Then can I still quit?
I just don’t want to be unemployed. It looks really bad, and so some work is better than no work!


There’s no hard and fast answer to this. You will have to check the terms of your specific agreement.

As far as I’m aware, there can be no order of specific performance for an employment contract. However, you should bear in mind that it is unlikely to be looked upon favourably and perhaps a years down the line, you might wish to take a job with the same company/firm.

Also, if this is a Big 4 training contract, you might want to remember that your contract of employment may contain a provision which obliges you to pay back the full fees paid for your ACA during your employment.


ah yeah, your right, thanks Gunned.
I wonder how much the fees for training are…if its just exams costs, then I don’t really carem its a short term cost for a long term career benefit. Unless its thousands…