Waitrose Assessment Centre


Has anyone got any experience of the Waitrose Assessment Centre?

It doesn’t seem like anyone has given any feedback nor has anyone asked on WikiJob about the assessment centre for Waitrose…

Passed the online test…

Have an assessment centre soon - but doesn’t seem like there’s any help on here as to what to expect…

Would appreciate any information.



Hi Arsenal27

Congrates on getting through the first round.

pld do post your experience of AC. when is it btw?

and I applied to John Lewis and received an email within couple of hours for the shl online test. the email does not state what kind of test it is going to be. although it states that I would have only one chance to attempt this within 7 days… I still have few days to prepare and would like to know so I can prepare…

Could U pls tell me what kind of test is it and what did you do to prepare for that.

Good luck with ur AC.



looking forward to her from you both :slight_smile:


hey guys,
i have an AC with waitrose on the 10th of jan 2011. really need to find out what to expect. will post on my experience obviously but if anyone hears anything, please do post your comments here.



I think it would be unfair to post details of the day. However you will be put through several different exercises over the course of a day, with food and refreshments provided. The best things you can do is to read up on assessment centres in general, as well as obviously Waitrose and the food retail sector itself.

I personally found the day very enjoyable, and left with the belief that even if I did not progress I had learnt a lot in the process. Have a good nights sleep and respect the other people with you at the assessment centre (remember they too have beaten many people to get there and could be future colleagues!)

I thankfully passed this stage and am now awaiting a date for my final round interview. I would be very interested in hearing from candidates in the same position, and building a list of contacts.

Good luck everyone!!


Hey “Stayanon”,
Just wanted to know if your AC was at the Bracknell Centre? And if it was, was it easy getting there?



Hey “Shivaasharma”

Yes it was at Bracknell. Waitrose advised there was no parking. I personally got a taxi for the last part of my journey, but the site is large, very large! I would advise giving yourself plenty of extra time for traffic and finding the actual centre where the testing is being held.



I have an assessment centre on jan 11th at leeds Uni, Is anyone else going to that one? Also what should we expect from the day!! Stayanon I thought the aassesment centre was the last stage of the process but reading your comment is this not the case?




I also have the assessment centre in leeds on the 11th! I also have no idea what to expect let alone what to prepare, this is my first assessment centre so im a little bit lost

I think after this there is a final interview and then a job offer if your successful

information would be VERY useful…



hey guys,
i have never attended a retail related assessment centre but i guess reading up on waitrose and its competitors as well as the food retail sector and its trends will be helpful? that’s what i am doing anyway. a lot of the retail reports are restricted by payment though and that is bloody frustrating! unfortunately no one who has attended the AC is divulging anything so i guess we prepare as much as we can and hope for the best!

i have mine on 10nth so will try to write as much as i can when i return in the evening. hope it will be in time so help some of you who will be attending an AC on the 11th and later.

good luck!


Hi greg, glad to finally talk to someone who is going on the same day as me!! this is also my first assesement centre to i have no clue what to expect from it!! what area did you apply for and stuff? I applied for the north and scotland? have you heard anything about the day…like do we have to do a presentation or anything?



Yes, there is a final round interview. I also believe for people they are still unsure of, they might ask you to spend a day in-store before deciding to progress you to the final stage.

‘Shivaasharma’, I personally suggest you do not divulge too much. First it would give people an unfair advantage. Secondly you would be shooting yourself in the foot! Other candidates (particularly those the following day) will be better prepared, and as a result might take your place at the final stage.

Anyway, wish everyone the best of luck. Gorien relax friend, it was my first assessment centre as well, read up on what you can, be yourself and keep a few toes crossed!


hey stayanon,
thanks for your suggestion. i really do appreciate it. hope your final interview will go well and you will get the job. i understand from the recruitment manager that candidates are chosen on a rolling basis. when is your final interview scheduled?

to those guys who have messaged me privately, i will be writing about the AC in general. i have been to a couple and there is usually a group exercise, some math and verbal testing, competency based interview and presentation. since this is my first retail related one, i am not sure how different it will be relative to others. i don’t expect it to be radically different but i will be giving general information out but it will be tomorrow late in the evening. bracknell is quite far from where i stay.

as stayanon said, its best to read up on assessment centres and do loads of reading on waitrose and the industry.

good luck y’all!


this is a silly question but are yoiu sure that your’s is at bracknell? reading from the website it sounds more like its at leeds uni on the 10th and 11th?

Jenni x


hey jenni,
turns out your question isn’t silly at all! I had booked my assessment centre by emailing HR (was having troubles with their booking system) and asked for the next possible date at Bracknell and I didn’t question the reply. But when I turned up there today, I was told that I was actually booked at Leeds. Feel like a complete arse for not having questioned that HR lady in the first place!

Upside is that I have email proof and it was an honest mistake that involved miscommunication on both sides so they rebooked me. Flip side is that I am now booked for March! and fresh out of money from my own pocket!

Was thinking of asking them to reimburse me but then do I really want to come across as a nagging-asking-for-money candidate (who already messed up by not re-confirming the date and location)? I think not.

So after much time, energy, money wasted along with a little loss of face, I am home and about ready to kill myself! Won’t be able to give any info obviously. Instead look forward to your reflections of your D-day. Best of luck. Do read up on the general exercises that take place in any AC. Maybe retail is not that different? I will keep my fingers crossed for you!



so sorry to hear about your mishap, i am kind of in the same situation but Ive got swine flu so ive had to rearrange my AC to 31st March at bracknell. Ive lost the £45 i paid for my leeds train ticket now and looking at the trains to bracknell from liverpool it costs between £150-£600(!!!)

at least I can relax now and get better, could not bear the thought of sitting through an AC feeling like death


hey gorien,
really sorry to hear about your health. i hope you will make a full and speedy recovery!

yeah its a bummer about the money that has been spent.

unbelievably, i was invited to rebook my AC today and the system showed me 10 march clearly as available for bracknell. i even asked my partner to confirm for me what i was seeing and then went ahead and booked it. then i get emails from people in HR saying that actually there is no availability in march and now i have been moved to 27th april in bracknell!!! so i will end up waiting forever! something is definitely up with their booking system but i am too wary of asking for reimbursement so i am out £62 and none the wiser about what really happened!

i hope you will get cheap tickets to bracknell. take care of yourself mate!



hey all,
sorry its taken so long to reply, So i attended the assessment centre last tuesday…still not heard anything back,thats been a week!! The day was good…minus the food that was put on by the uni…was starving by the time we finished!! the day started off with a presentation of waitrose and what they look for and how the graduate scheme works. there was 12 ppl on the assessment day, and each had to participate in the activites that were carried out…im not going to go into too much detail on them as you were told not too at the centre…I would advise you read up on assessment centres in general, and practise the watson glaser test. The other activities are general assessment day ones from what ppl told me on the day!! would make sure u ask lots of questions and speak to the other candidates show them that you can mix well with people.

J xx


hey jenni,
good to hear about your day. i hope they will contact you soon with good news! thanks for the details. i think between you and stayanon, there is more than enough information. especially if you have been told not to divulge anything.

bummer about the refreshments! i thought waitrose will put on the food…anyway, i might carry something myself just to be on the safe side.

good luck! do let us know of the outcome!
S x


hey hey,

just to let you all know i got a phone call today from waitrose…passed the assessment centre whoop!! they said I need to go to an interview to bracknell over the next couple of weeks.

Jenni x