Waiting period after 2nd F2F Interview with Citi


Hi all,

I had my final round of interview with Citi 1.5 weeks back. The first round was superb and i was called for a second round interview. The second round was very informal as i was expecting it to be a more techinical Interview. The interviewer did mention in the end that “You will be surprised to know how slow our HR is”.

Now before leaving , the guy who did my first interview said, i am going on holiday today, so i will try emailing the HR today or you will hear from us only after the bank holidays. I did not hear from them till last thursday, so i emailed the HR contact and he said he hadnt heard from them about the outcome of the interview.

Its been 9 working days since that interview and i am very anxious. I might contact the HR again this thursday for a feedback.

All this wait has made me super anxious and i am worried that i might not have been successful.

Any feedback anyone ??? Any Idea how long does citi take to respond ?


Got a final round AC tomorrow for IBD - does anyone know what the nature of the interviews will be like? What topic will the case study be on? Is there a group exercise?



Hi Autumn 489,

Hope they have responded to you by now and its a good news :slight_smile:

I have an assessment centre round coming up. Can you please tell me more about the group exercise? Was it a FT exercise or?? How was the case study?

I would really appreciate your help regarding this…