Waiting on kpmg offer



Hey everybody,

I’ve been soaking up all the amazing advice this forum has to offer whilst pursuing a graduate placement at kpmg for a september start. So far it all seems to have gone quite well, except for the e-tray excercise which was a total balls-up, I didn’t even answer 3 questions. However, the written excercise, partner interview, and group excercise all went really well imo, and after the partner interview I was told I would be told the outcome “very shortly” which filled me with confidence, but it’s now friday and I still haven’t heard anything. I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that I haven’t got the job, but why haven’t they called me yet? Or at least sent a letter, should I call their recruitment centre and ask? I don’t want to seem pushy but I just want to move on asap! Any advice would be much appreciated!



When was your interview? How long has it been?


My interview was on tuesday, so this is the third day, its too late to get post now i think, so I don’t think I’ll be getting a letter today?


Give them a call! They already know by now if they’re offering you the job or not!


It probably is a bit too soon. I’d give them at least another day or two. They’ll contact you by telephone most likely- it may well even be the [[partner]] who interviewed you. I think [[KPMG]] quote 72 hours as standard when they send you off!


Yeah but if you give them a call, they will tell you what’s going on though.


I emailed them and… I got the job!!! Get in!! Don’t know why it wasn’t a phone call, but oh well, happy days! Thanks wikijob, thats a massive weight off my mind!


Congratulations! Well done! If you fancy sharing your experience, this forum’s always open! :slight_smile:


Yeah I will definitely answer anyones questions about the recruitment process to the best of my ability, feel that I should really give something back in return for all the invaluable information these forums have given me!




many congrats onewayoflife


Well Done OneWay!.. another wikijobber gets a job! If you want to be uber-helpful, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a quick look at the [[KPMG]] interview profile and let us know if anything needs changing/adding to. I hope you did some celebrating this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


What was your uni? it is just out of curiosity.


Thanks for all the congrats guys, if I think of anything valuable to add to the wikijob page I’ll do so, although it’s already a pretty decent summary if you ask me. Londonbloke, I went to Leeds university, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really matter which uni you come from as long as you display all the right qualities for the job in the interview and assessment process.