Waiting for final interview



Hi everyone,

Anybody still waiting for one? I have waited for months and now I am not sure whether I should continue to do so. I have sent emails, left comments here on wikijob but I always got the same reply that they are still looking for available dates and will contact me if they have one. So how long am I gonna have to wait? Any chance they will arrange me by the end of this month? And I don’t even know whether they are still giving out offers for Audit London.


Not for the same stream, but I’m also waiting. Were you told initially that it would be two weeks?


Nope, they didn’t tell me anything on how long I should expected to wait for it.


Hi all,

With response to the question, once again I am sorry about the delay. I’m aware that we are currently waiting to establish the outcomes of some candidates in particular (you may have noticed from other threads) before we can potentially look at booking others in. We are chasing this outcome, and have been since last week, and once we’ve established the outcomes of those candidates we can then give a more realistic view to when your interview may be.

Once again, I’m sorry for this situation as I can completely appreciate it is far from ideal.

Kind Regards,



I’ve been waiting for ages too, and don’t have any choice but to accept another offer as it expires in a few days. It’s really disappointing because KPMG was my first choice but I can’t turn down another offer as obviously there’s no guarantee I’ll be made one here.

Is there an average waiting period or have we just been really unlucky?



same situation here. I really looking forward to this position, but now it took too long for me to wait.

i think we are really unlucky maybe?


Same, I have to give up on this opportunity as I cannot afford to wait forever. I have been applying since October and I havn’t even gotten my final interview, that was really disappointing :frowning: I guess we are just unlucky since last year wasn’t that chaotic? At least I don’t see so many posts urging KPMG for a reply for last year.
They ought to do a better job in dealing with the increased amount of applicants, though I wonder how many can the numbers have surged that they couldn’t handle it anymore?



Any of you hear anything about final interview today?