Waiting for E&Y 1st round interview.


I applied back at the beginning of October for Corporate Finance (TAS), and having passed the paper based test I was told I would have a 1st round interview. It has now been over a month, since I passed and after contacting them, was told they had a lot of applications.

Is this normal? It seems like a long time to wait just to schedule an interview, and I’m getting really fed up of waiting.


i have also applied to ey finance but am only on the paper test section yet. How was it? is it harder or any different to the online test? Im taking mine in febuary and i really want to pass. how can i prepare for it? do they tell you straight away if youve passed?



Hi Nellz,

Have u had your 1st round interview with Ernst and Young yet?
I also have been waiting for nearly a month now for the interview.
I got their email on 21th Nov saying that they will be in touch with me in the near future to arrange an interview date/time and yesterday i also got another email saying the same thing.

It takes so long to wait for it. my exam is coming in Jan soon

To Pavstar:
It is PSL for EY test, isnt it. Do ur practice in PSL website and SHL. Be calm then u can manage it. Some of my friends say that they change the format of the test? im not sure if it is a lil harder? have u applied to other firms? or banks? u may find some questions similar


Hi everyone,

I think I’m in the same situation. Since I did a maths based degree, I was invites to the first round without aptitude test right after the online application. However, I’ve kept waiting for a month without any response. Emailed them a coupe of times and they kept telling me that there were a large number of applicants in this process and will inform me ASAP. Don’t know what gonna happen next, maybe I’ll receive an “aplogize” email in the future. We can do nothing this moment but fingers cross. Good luck guys.



Hi Hugh
i have my 1st round interview on the 9th Jan. I got back from them just 1 or 2 days b4 Xmas. Hope u get ur reply soon.
which division did u apply 2?


yeah hugh, i sent mine off more then a month and a half ago, i also am studying a mathematics degree, they told me that they told me the same thing and i havent heard back form them in several weeks


Hi daisy,

It is good to hear your good news, and it bring me some hope. Thank you. BTW, I applied for the Audit - UKI service line.


Hi laxshia,

I will let you know if I get informed to the first round ASAP. And could you let me know once you get it. Good luck.


Hi Daisy

I’d completely forgotten about this thread.

I’m still waiting for a first round interview and I’m incredibly frustrated! They filled all the spaces for London TAS so I asked to be transferred to Birmingham. I then got the same email about being invited to the first round and when I phoned them I was told it would be in the new year some time.

I wish they would just get on with it. How hard can it be to schedule an interview!!!


…and you sent your application off in October? I’d ring them again and explain that you’ve been waiting since October - it really shouldn’t take that long. Just keep chasing them.


There’s only so many times you can call them without looking desperate…


m havin the same problem aswell… no one had contacted me in ages…
how are you preparing for the interview


hi Nellz
have u heard anything back from EY?
as far as i know, they r gonna have 1st round interview on the 21st this month. let give them a call again to see how its going on.
I just back from them today, i passed the 1st round and gonna go to the AC this month.
Hope to hear good news from u.


I spoke to them the other day and apparently I’m first in line for an interview but they don’t have any confirmation of dates because of the nature of the business. So I’m still waiting :frowning:

Well done on getting to the AC.


I had my first interview on the 25th Nov. I was down for an Ac on 17th Dec which got cancelled and I’ve heard nothing from them since!


It is amazing how fast they process your application between 1st interview and AC. I have been waiting for one month for them to fix my AC date. (I passed 1st interview on 16th of Dec). Is this normal??? I really don’t understand how their system works. Could that have something to do with the division we applied for???


same here, applied in October, and have been waiting for a first interview date ever since. I emailed them and called them a few times, each time they just told me to ‘be patient’ and wait. frustrating