Wait for Deloitte interview- Audit London 2011


Hey guys,

I’d appreciate any opinions on my current situation…

I passed my phone interview for a graduate job with Deloitte in London for the audit intake in March.

I still haven’t been allocated a first interview. Should I assume that all roles will be filled by the time I get through the process? Do you know when Deloitte normally recruit until?

Also I’d really appreciate it if anyone could tell me what happens if the role you applied to fills- do Deloitte have a policy of placing candidates in another office?

Thanks in advance for any help.


@ HeyEugene
I did my phone interview in March as well. They called me last Thursday and arrange the first round interview for me tomorrow. So don’t worry. They will contact you asap. Try to prepare it now, in case they arrange your interview in 2-3 days.

Good luck


Hey there, thanks for your answer. Was your application for London too? I guess it’s just because of their busy season. Fingers crossed! Good luck for tomorrow


Hey there. I took the interview this afternoon. It was quite enjoyable.
This is my first face-to-face interview. But it was quite standard. What you need to prepare is only the examples for those six different competency area, i.e. communication, achievement of goals, commercial awareness, adaptability, problem solving, organisational skills.
The senior manager that interviewed me today was quite nice. He even told me which direction I may go back home after we came out.
So relax and prepare now. Finger crossed and good luck for both of us :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, I still haven’t heard… maybe they’ve forgotten me and the London office is full. I phoned but they didn’t really say much. Well done for completing your interview and good luck!! Thanks for your help too :slight_smile:


They are not full yet. As far as I know, they still arrange interview. You know March is their peak season, so they now have time to review the application. I have also heard that Deloitte is always slow in responding to interview or assessment center. So be patient and they will come to you soon. Don’t worry!


Hey guys,

I gave my f2f interview on friday, still haven’t heard from them although they told they would be replying in 72hrs. Any idea how much time it takes to get a reply after the first interview?


He told me it should be in three days. I got my interview on monday. Have not yet got any reply yet. I guess it might be at least three working days. Which service line u applied?


@wendygaowj Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:
Hey @skyrocker999 Can I ask you when you did your phone interview?


@wendygaowj: I applied for I&T Risk graduate position
@HeyEugene: I had it on 23rd March