Vodafone Video Interview Discover Program 2015



I have just received an email saying I have progressed onto the video interview stage. I have never done this and have no clue how to tackle it. Has anyone done this yet and if so do you have any advice. I applied for the Finance Discover Program


Hi Romeo

Congrats on making it to the video interview stage. I can’t give you any advice on Vodafone specifically, but this recent blog post may help you to prepare:

Good luck!


Hey man good luck with that. yeh i have done it before. basically consists of around 7 q’s. The q’s are different to say the least. Think there was one q about vodafone the rest were about you. there were lateral thinking q’s as well. you get 3mins each question. you get 45s to prepare so just relax.


Hi! I have a video interview with Vodafone as well but I really don’t know what to expect. Do you remember specifically what questions came up? I would really appreciate your help! Thanks


Romeo, how you video interview went ? I just received the invitation today. It is possible to tell me what type of questions they asked you? Thank you!



I’ve got through to the Discover Marketing Assessment centre on the 24th of March in the afternoon - is any one else going on this?
Nervous! What to prepare!


I have too! I have just been preparing the normal competency questions and then looking at Vodafone’s website for information. What do you reckon? I don’t think there is much more we can prepare regards presentation or group exercises!


Oh great! Yeah i’m doing the same thing and hoping it will be sufficient for the day! :slight_smile: See you there!


Have you heard back from Vodafone yet?


No, has anyone?


Hi! I have a video interview coming up with Vodafone and am wondering how yours went this time last year/ if you can remember the sort of questions that came up? I will be really thankful for any help/ advice you can give! Thanks :slight_smile: